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Halloween Decorating from www.trixandtrumpet.com
25 Oct 2017
Halloween is a fun time of year. It really is a fantastic holiday to be playful with your decor and there really are no set rules for design. Traditional black
14 Feb 2017
  Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you receive flowers from a special someone, or just use this day as a very valid excuse to treat yourself to some wonderful blooms, here
The colour that’s featuring really prominently this Fall is gold and I think it’s fantastic. Gold gives that sense of warmth and depth that can take your styling in any
inspiration from Trix & Trumpet
24 Jun 2016
Travelling has always been a huge inspiration  for me. The sites, smells, vibrancy of a place really energizes and you can find so much beauty and interest in something new
Baby Shower
9 Feb 2016
A few weeks ago I was delighted to be a guest at a friends baby shower. This wasn’t your typical weekend afternoon of ladies having brunch and opening gifts. This
1 Dec 2015
  It’s been a very festive holiday start for Trix & Trumpet as we started gearing up for the holidays a few weeks ago. We’re participating in the St. Andrew’s
Thanksgiving Inspiration from Trix & Trumpet
The start of Fall is truly my favourite time of year. The colours, smells and textures at this time are ripe for inspiration, and with Thanksgiving approaching next month, it’s
Pulling a party together, whatever the size, takes good planning. But, I’m de-bunking 4 Myths about party styling and planning that I know we all think from time to time.
13 May 2015
One of the simplest and easiest ways to add an extra dimension to your party design is through florals. I believe that for every event or party, flowers should be
25 Mar 2015
When Easter is around the corner I know that Spring is finally arriving. I enjoy decorating during this festive time because colour can take the forefront and any colour palette
This colour palette is inspired by the feeling of Valentine’s Day, offering up subtle red, white and pink. I used complimenting colours in this inspiration, with mirrored surfaces to add
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With wedding season well upon us, planning for showers, receptions, weddings and not to mention all the other holidays that seem to follow warmer weather, the planning process is in
I love sparkling wine and champagne. It definitely gives a lighter, fresher feel than some white wines and heavier reds. And it just has something celebratory about it, you know.
I really do love the holidays. The music, the decor, the traditions; it’s a festive combination. One of my favourite things to do is decorate for the holidays and, usually,