Happy Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of year. It really is a fantastic holiday to be playful with your decor and there really are no set rules for design. Traditional black and orange is an easy go to, but there is so much opportunity to put your own personal spin on colour and theme.

It’s also a great time to bridge the gap between Fall decor and Halloween decor because you can easily mesh the styles nicely. Brightly coloured pumpkins, acorns and other Fall or harvest type decor can segue way into elements like spiders, birds and witches hats. You don’t need to take one decor style away to make room for the next. Simply plan on modifying your original decor with Halloween accents.

There is also so much room for extremely varying styles with Halloween decor. From creepy and spooky, to ethereal, to whimsical and cheery, you can create any mood and interest depending on which direction you wish to take.

Whatever your style, whatever your theme, have fun and Happy Halloween!

Halloween Decorating from www.trixandtrumpet.com

Mixing colours and textures can bring interest and a different look to your Halloween decorating.


Going for a monochromatic look is simple and elegant. A display of pumpkins, both faux and real, can transition from Fall decor to Halloween by adding little accents of your choosing.


Going all out is fantastic too. Layer your display with varying heights, and interesting objects. A great Halloween linen is a quirky and fun addition.


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