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Fun Cubes

There just isn’t anything better than a cold drink on warm summer night. Am I right? The next time you entertain in your home, try adding a little something extra to your ice cubes to extend a theme or flavour right down to your drinks. Summertime entertaining is more relaxed and casual as we gather […]

Pink and Grey Party from

Pink and Grey Party

I recently styled a First Communion dinner with the theme of Pink and Grey. I just love how soft grey compliments so many different colours and pairing it with the softest of pink….well, it’s just a lovely, fresh palette. When I worked corporately I was always cognizant of the finances and ensured that the final […]

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Why You Should Use Artificial Flowers

I know many people cringe when thinking about silk or artificial flowers. There is a sense that they look tacky, or cheap, or well, artificial.  And on some level, I would agree. But, there is a whole world of wonderful colours and textures and height out there where artificial flowers are concerned and I really […]

Some party styling tips from

Some Party Styling Tips

A couple of weeks ago I shared a styled table for some Easter Inspiration.  Finished products always look great and put together but what really goes into pulling it all together? I thought it was important to go behind the scenes a bit and talk about the methodology behind how to style in real life scenarios. […]

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Magazine Love

I’m a tactile person. I like holding things in my hands. I love the feel of a beautiful fabric, the weight of table decor, the smoothness of a table. So, while I can spend an unreasonable amount of time looking at beautiful images on websites and blogs I still really love a good, traditional magazine. […]

DIY Fabric Backdrop from

DIY Fabric Backdrop

Taking pictures has never been easier.  With smartphones and new DSLR cameras, even the novice photographer can take fantastic shots. As I’ve taken a more hands-on approach to photography, I’ve learned a lot about what might go into making an image really pop. And one of those things is to have a great backdrop. An […]

finding inspiration from

Finding Inspiration

I talk all the time about finding inspiration, and being inspired by something and taking that inspiration to help you create a great party design or theme. But what does that mean exactly? Probably the go-to for many of us is to go online and scour Pinterest or our favourite blogs to find images that […]

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Cake Cutting Guide

The evolution of the cake has been one that I have enjoyed immensely. I love a good slice of cake….anytime. As exposure increases and accessibility becomes the norm, having interesting, one-of-a-kind cakes is no longer only available to the wedding group. Any party can have a four layered round cake, or one made into an […]

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The Trix & Trumpet Shop is Opening Soon

It’s true.  The Trix & Trumpet Shop is set to open really, really soon. It will be small initially, offering just a few curated items, but it’s very exciting and a whole lot of fun. So, how did this come to be? Well, it just sort of happened. I knew all along that at some […]

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Easter Inspiration

I know that Spring is out there somewhere. This Winter has been especially harsh and long and oh, so cold.  I know many wonder “What are you going on about? You’re Canadian, it’s in your blood to do the cold.” Well, I don’t DO winter and this year has been particularly draining. It’s made for […]

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