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Happy Thanksgiving eh from Trix & Trumpet

Happy Thanksgiving, eh!

  It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I am in wonderful turkey mode right now, salivating for a great Thanksgiving meal.  I love this time of year; cooler temperatures, beautiful colours and a fantastic time to decorate. Go grab some cute little pumpkins like these ones and try your hand at painting and stencilling […]

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Guest Room Amenities

During the summer, for some it’s likely a revolving door of guests and visitors. Some stay for a little, some stay for awhile. But, as the summer months now become Fall, entertaining doesn’t take a back seat. In fact, with Fall comes the continued stream of wedding and associated parties, Thanksgiving dinners, get togethers with […]

fun cubes from

Fun Cubes

There just isn’t anything better than a cold drink on warm summer night. Am I right? The next time you entertain in your home, try adding a little something extra to your ice cubes to extend a theme or flavour right down to your drinks. Summertime entertaining is more relaxed and casual as we gather […]

Pink and Grey Party from

Pink and Grey Party

I recently styled a First Communion dinner with the theme of Pink and Grey. I just love how soft grey compliments so many different colours and pairing it with the softest of pink….well, it’s just a lovely, fresh palette. When I worked corporately I was always cognizant of the finances and ensured that the final […]

you should use artificial flowers from

Why You Should Use Artificial Flowers

I know many people cringe when thinking about silk or artificial flowers. There is a sense that they look tacky, or cheap, or well, artificial.  And on some level, I would agree. But, there is a whole world of wonderful colours and textures and height out there where artificial flowers are concerned and I really […]

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Fabric 101

It is no secret that I adore fabric and linen. I’m not sure where this came from but it is a true passion and I get a little giddy when I step into a fabric store with reams and rolls of wonderful and fantastic textures and compositions. While I peruse all types of fabrics from […]

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Summer DIY Fun

The summer is a great time to try things out, experiment, do something different. Whether it be a new recipe, a picnic in the park, entertaining with friends…summer makes me just want to do stuff. You? I’ve rounded up some great Summer DIY projects that are fun, interesting and practical. Try your hand at some […]

DIY Fabric Backdrop from

DIY Fabric Backdrop

Taking pictures has never been easier.  With smartphones and new DSLR cameras, even the novice photographer can take fantastic shots. As I’ve taken a more hands-on approach to photography, I’ve learned a lot about what might go into making an image really pop. And one of those things is to have a great backdrop. An […]

finding inspiration from

Finding Inspiration

I talk all the time about finding inspiration, and being inspired by something and taking that inspiration to help you create a great party design or theme. But what does that mean exactly? Probably the go-to for many of us is to go online and scour Pinterest or our favourite blogs to find images that […]

cake cutting guide from

Cake Cutting Guide

The evolution of the cake has been one that I have enjoyed immensely. I love a good slice of cake….anytime. As exposure increases and accessibility becomes the norm, having interesting, one-of-a-kind cakes is no longer only available to the wedding group. Any party can have a four layered round cake, or one made into an […]

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