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Some party styling tips from

Some Party Styling Tips

A couple of weeks ago I shared a styled table for some Easter Inspiration.  Finished products always look great and put together but what really goes into pulling it all together? I thought it was important to go behind the scenes a bit and talk about the methodology behind how to style in real life scenarios. […]

magazine love from

Magazine Love

I’m a tactile person. I like holding things in my hands. I love the feel of a beautiful fabric, the weight of table decor, the smoothness of a table. So, while I can spend an unreasonable amount of time looking at beautiful images on websites and blogs I still really love a good, traditional magazine. […]

DIY Fancy Soap from

DIY Fancy Soap

It’s probably safe to say that when we entertain in our home, the bathroom likely doesn’t get much attention. Have clean towels, make sure it’s stocked up and you’re good to go right? Well, I think you could do so much more. I love interesting and beautiful bathrooms, and it’s really nice to see when […]

selecting the right linen for your party from

Tips on Selecting the Right Linens for your Party

  Having a fabulous table linen can really elevate your party and is a wonderful way to carry through your theme or create a specific design element. And the choice….oh, it’s amazing, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a difficult time deciding and narrowing down your choices. But, sometimes that can be a […]

Electronic vs. Paper Invitations from

Electronic vs. Paper Invitations

The internet and technology in general has literally changed our daily lives and party planning is no different. The debate of electronic (or paperless) vs. paper invitations ensues and really begs the question; what is the trend now and what is the preferred method? For me, I see the merits of both. However, each work […]

Trix & Trumpet Shop Opening Soon at

The Trix & Trumpet Shop is Opening Soon

It’s true.  The Trix & Trumpet Shop is set to open really, really soon. It will be small initially, offering just a few curated items, but it’s very exciting and a whole lot of fun. So, how did this come to be? Well, it just sort of happened. I knew all along that at some […]

Easter Inspiration from

Easter Inspiration

I know that Spring is out there somewhere. This Winter has been especially harsh and long and oh, so cold.  I know many wonder “What are you going on about? You’re Canadian, it’s in your blood to do the cold.” Well, I don’t DO winter and this year has been particularly draining. It’s made for […]

hey, mistakes happen from

Hey, Mistakes Happen

I’ll be honest. I’m a little obsessive. I like to be detailed oriented. And I’m a bit of a perfectionist. These aren’t necessarily good qualities when mixed all up together but I try to balance them out by being fair, open-minded and collaborative. I believe strongly in collecting input from others and working cohesively in […]

Playing with Grey from

Playing with Grey

I have always liked the soft, subtlety of grey. It is a colour that hovers between pretty and calm, and definitive and strong. I like the interplays of grey and how you can layer it with lighter hues like cream and dove through to silver and steel. I am in the midst of pulling together […]

delectable chocolate from

Delectable Chocolate

Chocolate is one of those things that has a tight grip on me.  If faced with a luxurious bar of dark chocolate, I can’t stop at just one piece. If tempted with the aroma of baking chocolate, I involuntarily salivate. If attempting to satiate my craving with just a tiny splurge, I will end up […]

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