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With wedding season well upon us, planning for showers, receptions, weddings and not to mention all the other holidays that seem to follow warmer weather, the planning process is in full swing.

The key to staying sane and energized throughout the planning process is to stay absolutely organized. By staying on top of items, making regular contact with your suppliers and ensuring that you have a solid critical path or to-do list in place, you will arm yourself with all the tools that you need to get things done efficiently.

There are some areas that I think are key when planning parties and events and I’ve written about them in the past. The information is relevant still and so I’ve organized links to those posts here so that topics are centralized and easy to find. Just click on the title of any article below and get the tips you need.

By following the advice and tips in these articles, you will set yourself up for party planning that, at the core is fun, not stressful. You can have a good time pulling your event together; it takes organization, commitment and consistency but, you can do it!

And remember. If you need a little help, I’m here for you. Anytime.

The Budget

Unless you are really focussed and meticulous, budget planning is rarely the top priority when planning a party. Generally, we have an idea of what we’d like, or be willing to spend, but rarely is it committed to paper and followed. I suggest that this be a central point in your planning. The budget is everything, and when you use it as a guiding point, you’ll stay on track and feel confident during your planning.

Venue Checklist

Are you having an event at a venue? Whether a larger or smaller gathering, these key items should be addressed when working with an off-site venue.

Working with a Florist

Flowers add so much to any event; even the most subtle of arrangements provide a ton of decor and interest. If you are using a florist, here are some tips on having a relationship that works well.

Take it Outside

Are you having an outdoor party? While outdoor events have a wonderful feel about them, they come with their own set of challenges. Here I provide some advice and tips to follow when planning your outdoor event.

These articles provide tips and advice on the most pertinent items.  As an event styling and consulting company, we can help with any aspect of your event, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of your event needs. Just send us an email to Services and let’s plan something awesome together.


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