De-bunking party planning myths from Trix & Trumpet

Pulling a party together, whatever the size, takes good planning. But, I’m de-bunking 4 Myths about party styling and planning that I know we all think from time to time. With so much access to party design, styling and menu creation, is hard not to feel like your party might just not compare. But, forget what you think you should do, and just do what you want to do. Parties should be fun, not just for your guests, but for you too.


Myth #1: Style comes naturally

Uh, no, it doesn’t. What appears to be natural or effortless is actually years of trial and error figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Sure, we all have personal preferences and ideas about our entertaining and decor style, but it takes time to really narrow in that vision into something that works well. Having help is okay. Use blogs and Pinterest to help spark your creativity but, don’t aim to replicate what you see exactly; it will just set you up for frustration and it won’t be you. The answer? Don’t sweat it. Continue to hone your vision and soon you will have a style that, if in appearance only, is effortless.


Myth #2: I have to be the hostess with the mostess

Sometimes we think we have to do it all…DIY decor, make our own invitations, cook all the food, create the design….the list could go on and on. In reality, a good host knows what she likes and is good at doing, and focuses on that. All the other stuff can be handled and coordinated by someone else. Use a caterer or have pre-packaged food ready to pop in the oven. Find cute decor at the craft store and create your own personal style in how you display it. Whatever you’re good at, stick with it.


Myth #3: I owe an invitation to everyone who’s invited me.

Some may disagree with me, but you don’t owe an invitation to anyone. I’m sure we have all been invited to summer parties, pool parties or birthday bashes that we’ve only attended out of a sense of obligation. Don’t feel compelled to invite because you feel you have to.  Someone else’s guest list is beyond your control. The best way to approach your invites is to include people that would work well together, and those who you would really like to see. You can always host a number of smaller get togethers to ensure your guests mesh well, rather than approaching it from an all or nothing standpoint.


Myth #4: I have to cater to everyone’s tastes

The food world is a tricky one these days. There are so many different food preferences, allergies, aversions, that it can be difficult coming up with a menu to suit everyone. Life threatening allergies must always be accounted and accommodated for, but other food issues don’t need to be complicated. Keep your menu simple and you’ll find that many options could suit a variety of concerns. A beautiful salad or interesting take on grilled vegetables could accommodate vegetarians and those with gluten sensitivities. Serving chicken or fish could satisfy those that don’t eat red meat while offering those that do, something a little heartier. Creating a good menu that’s fuss free means being mindful of the choices you make rather than having a designated menu item for each preference.


We can sometimes get caught up in the minutiae of party planning and forget why we are even bringing people together; to have a good time. Approach your next get together with a simple mind-frame and maybe you will enjoy the process and have a super fun time too.


Need help bringing your party vision to life? Well, that’s what we’re here for.  Get in touch with us and we’ll create something fabulous together;


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