I talk all the time about finding inspiration, and being inspired by something and taking that inspiration to help you create a great party design or theme.

But what does that mean exactly?

Probably the go-to for many of us is to go online and scour Pinterest or our favourite blogs to find images that speak to us or help to develop an idea.

This is a great way to go, and something I often do myself.  Seeing how others have created something really helps me to turn an idea into a concept. We are always learning from each other and a picture speaks a thousand words.

But, finding inspiration can be just where you are,  all around you, in your space and your environment. I like to challenge myself to look deeper into the things that I surround myself with to find sparks that help germinate an idea or theme or style concept.

Look around you; why do you have the things you do? Is it a specific colour, finish or texture of something that intrigues you? Is it the composition of table, the materials used to create it or something else? Why do you love the artwork you have?

What we chose to have in our home, in our office space, in our closets, are all items that motivate and inspire us daily. And they can give clues to a great theme if we change how we look at them.

Perhaps you have a favourite blouse that’s a lovely Spring Yellow; maybe that colour combined with soft mint would be a wonderful birthday colour theme for your daughter. Or maybe you really like a colour combination of a pillow in your living room; that could be a fantastic colour theme for an engagement party.

I am always looking at my environment and filing visuals in my head to pull out at a later date. Better yet, if you can, take a picture of whatever it is made you feel something. Having a visual reminder of it filed will provide an idea bank of concepts and inspiration when the time comes for when you need it.

Here are a few items and concepts from around my spaces, that are inspiring me at the moment, and ones that, at some point, I know I will incorporate into a party design.


finding inspiration from www.trixandtrumpet.com




I have this picture in my office and it always inspires me.  Maybe it’s the carefree nature of it that only kids can do, but I also like the interplay between the coloured sequins. It’s a great colour inspiration for a party and I would draw out some of the pinks, blues, greens and teals for an interesting colour theme.


finding inspiration from www.trixandtrumpet.com


Another office piece that I look at and use everyday. I really love the way the sunlight casts a glow on the crushed velvet of the chair and I’m always keeping the fuchsia pink and deep purple colour combo in the back of my head to use someday….I find it an opulent yet fun combination.


finding inspiration from www.trixandtrumpet.com


I have had this little box for a super long time and it always makes me feel light and happy.  The design of this inspires me; I envision little boxes with snap closures to hide little treats for guests. Plus I think pale green and yellow make a fantastic colour combination.


finding inspiration from www.trixandtrumpet.com


I just love, love, love this feather wreath and I am itching to use a steel and deep blue with purple highlight colour combination for a party. Don’t you think it feels so decadent and appealing? I am always inspired by feathers, I don’t know why; perhaps it is the deconstructed nature of them, or the hardy wispiness; in any case, I’m motivated by it everyday.


finding inspiration from www.trixandtrumpet.com


This arrangement is currently on my table and the colours and depths are fantastic. I really love how the tulips are just bursting out of it and how the colours are bold but work well together. This is not a colour palette that I am naturally drawn to for a party design, but I can envision a soft violet and cream design with these colours for florals to add impact and interest.


finding inspiration from www.trixandtrumpet.com


This is an art piece that I find myself in front of on a daily basis.  I can get lost in it’s movement and I often see different things when I look at it. I see feathery details, water elements, greenery…..I find just looking at it inspires me and motivates me.


finding inspiration from www.trixandtrumpet.com


I adore the intricate drawings on this card and the whimsical nature of the design. Plus the colour palette is right up my alley. I like to keep a collection of cards that I have received or have given in a file and this one will be added to it. In a snapshot, a card can give not only inspiration, but deeper elements that can be incorporated into a party design.


finding inspiration from www.trixandtrumpet.com


The colours in this armoire are, for me, hugely inspirational. I love the distressed nature of the finish, the intermingling of the green, pink and blue, the French charm. But, I particularly like the beaded tassel. I think tassels can add detail and interest to a party design and the beads just give this one more weight and texture. This could be incorporated as napkin rings or hung delicately on chairs or candelabras. Really lovely.

So, finding inspiration is everywhere, you just have to be open to it. What’s in your home, your office space, your closet that inspires you? Look around you and you are sure to find an idea, a spark or item to develop a really fantastic party design.



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