Finished products always look great and put together but what really goes into pulling a look together?

I thought it was important to go behind the scenes a bit and talk about the methodology behind how to style in real life scenarios.

There are amazingly beautiful blogs out there that showcase gorgeous parties that have incredible settings for photography and styling. But, the reality of it is that we don’t always have that perfect setting. Parties and events take place everywhere and having a few “trix” up your sleeve will mean that you can bring some personality to any space.

Much of the work I do is in awkward or uninspiring settings with limited budgets so creativity is challenged. How do you take a space in your home or bland venue and add your touch without breaking the bank?

Following are a few tips to help in some of those uninspiring situations and to help you create fabulous party style in any room.

Tip #1: If you can use wall space, do it!

In my Easter Inspiration post I used the wall space to add some more interest to the look.

Easter Inspiration from www.trixandtrumpet.comEaster Inspiration from

It’s a big wall and at first, I wasn’t going to put anything there; let the branches and florals stand out. But, after photographing it, and taking a second look it was dark and bland.

So, I added mini balloons. It could have been anything, a garland, ribbons, fantastic mirror…..whatever you may have that can increase the height and break up the monotony.

I did the same for this party:

Some styling tips from

It was a dark, windowless room with unappealing walls. I added a flag banner and tassel garland and brought colour, texture and interest.

A simple DIY can transform a bleak space so go for it and get crafty.

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Okay, what I really mean is mix and match to a degree. Do you have interesting plates that you can use? Do you have things from different collections? How about mixing new with vintage?

You don’t have to stay with one specific style. Use the items that you have and find commonalities to them – same colour palette, similar size, or consistent shape.

I particularly like to use this tip with the little additions to the design like votives and florals.

Tip #3: If you are worried about too much mixing, then go for consistency!

There should always be a consistency with your styling. Stay consistent with your colours, with your placement and with the overall scope. So, for example, if you have a dessert table, it should have a consistent feel with the rest of your party, not a random theme or divergent colour scheme.

You can also find consistency in being repetitive. One of my favourite tricks is to do the same thing again and again. Like this party for example:

real life party for inspiration from

Same colours, black and fuchsia, repeated over and over again down the length of the table. There was not a great expense to this party but the consistency of the theme allowed it to take on a chic feel.

Tip #4: Don’t forget to edit

You know the old saying that you should look at yourself in the mirror really quickly before heading out and whatever catches your eye, and not in a good way, you should take it off? Well, it’s the same for your party design. When those creative juices get flowing it’s easy to get excited and caught up in all the elements and continue to add and add.  But, more is not always better.

Have a look at your styling, does something feel too much, not right, out of place? Then take it away. It’s better to have less that works beautifully together, than more things that may be competing with each other.

Keep these tips top of mind at your next party and you’ll have a fabulous design.


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