The summer is a great time to try things out, experiment, do something different. Whether it be a new recipe, a picnic in the park, entertaining with friends…summer makes me just want to do stuff.


I’ve rounded up some great Summer DIY projects that are fun, interesting and practical. Try your hand at some of them, or all, and enjoy this fantastic time of year.


Summer DIY Fun from Trix & Trumpet at


  1. This is a super fun idea for so many parties. Use balloons to anchor escort cards or place cards, or to have fun messages to your guests. You can play around with colour and really use the balloons to enhance and promote your theme. Find the instructions here.
  2. This novel idea for balloons is genius and one I’ve used myself. Freeze water inside small balloons for interesting pops of colourful ice cubes. Here’s the how-to.
  3. Make this strawberry shaped cake for a girl’s birthday party or just for some summertime fun.
  4. This fruit snack is so simple and easy you’ll be making it all the time. For you, for the kids, for your parties.
  5. Fairy lights can turn anything, especially party decor, from ho-hum, to amazing. These colourful lights can add a ton of atmosphere and interest to your summer party.
  6. This¬†DIY flag banner uses left over wrapping paper to create a fun effect. Use whatever you have around the house, wrapping paper, magazines, construction paper….whatever, for instant party decor.

Have fun, and let me know if you have any interesting, easy and fun summer DIY.


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