It’s probably safe to say that when we entertain in our home, the bathroom likely doesn’t get much attention.

Have clean towels, make sure it’s stocked up and you’re good to go right? Well, I think you could do so much more.

I love interesting and beautiful bathrooms, and it’s really nice to see when a host has taken a little extra time to make sure that that room gets some attention for the guests.

While a gussied up and glorious bathroom may be out of reach for many of us there are wonderful little touches that you can do to bring elegance, fun and charm to that little space.

Fun towels, little accoutrements, interesting pictures…they can all add a little something to look at and give the space some personality.

My favourite thing is fancy soap.  And by fancy I mean anything that has a wonderful fragrance, or beautiful design, or a luxurious texture.

I am currently lathering up with this fabulous soap from Miller Harris in London.


DIY Fancy Soap from


It’s fragrance is so lovely and you feel a little spoiled when using it.

But, while I no doubt impress friends with this sophisticated offering, I have yet to find it in Canada, and since I don’t have any plans to cross the pond anytime soon, it definitely needs to be rationed.

But, you don’t need to have expensive or elaborate soaps from across the world to bring something interesting to your bathroom.

This little DIY will help you bring a little fancy (or fun) to your soaps. It’s really easy and a fantastic way to bring some personality to the sink.


DIY Fancy Soap How To


1. Go get your supplies.


DIY Fancy Soap from


Find colours of soap that you like and find some stickers that are fun.  Craft-booking stickers work great because there is such variety and flexibility in their construction. Many are easily wrapped around an object and you can find something that speaks to the mood you want to convey.


2. Remove those labels.


DIY Fancy Soap from


The most difficult part of this DIY is removing the labels from the soap bottles so that you have a clean and clear surface. I used my vinegar and water solution which works like a charm. See the video for that here.

Be patient with this step. It can take up to 15 minutes for the vinegar solution to really penetrate the glue of the label. The goal is to remove the whole label so that is no residue left. (but don’t worry if there is some residue, you can cover it up with your sticker design!)

DIY Fancy Soap from

3. Have fun putting your stickers on and play.


DIY Fancy Soap from


Get creative and have fun making your design. You can do something artistic, put on quotes, or be a little funky. Whatever you like, this is your DIY project after all.

4. Display your soap.


DIY Fancy Soap from www.trixandtrumpet.comDIY Fancy Soap from www.trixandtrumpet.comDIY Fancy Soap from www.trixandtrumpet.comDIY Fancy Soap from www.trixandtrumpet.comDIY Fancy Soap from

Really use both sides of the bottle to convey different messages or to give options for display.

So simple right? The possibilities are endless and the uses varied. You can use the soap in your own bathroom for yourself or for guests, give a creation to someone as a hostess gift, or maybe customize something for an interesting shower gift.

Making your own fancy soap with this DIY will definitely bring a little something extra to your bathroom space. Have fun.


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