I am an art fanatic. While I lack the ability or talent to actually create original art, I am a huge admirer of all mediums and styles.

And I am a firm believer that art transforms an interior space from something okay to something incredible.

A piece of art can be inspiring, calming and thought-provoking. It can evoke emotions or help to carry through a theme.

Many times however, the cost of original art can be high and not overly accessible or available to most people.

So, why not rent?

This concept can be applied for a ton of purposes. It’s a great way for you to try a look in your home before committing to something permanent. Renting a piece of art can also add some needed interest and depth to a party you may be having. Or, it can be used to fill wall space if you are trying to sell your home.

And, quite honestly, it’s rather affordable.

Renting Art

This tranquil photography piece by artist Martin Saar is entitled “Bubbles” and is for sale for $3,800 and can be rented for $50 per month through Art Remba’s rental membership.

Many art galleries through major cities have rental programs for their artists. Most have terms of monthly minimums and maximums and almost all have options to purchase should you fall in love with something and just can’t part with it. Many also offer curating services to help you select the right piece and even install in your home.

There are also independent art rental companies that draw from a variety of galleries and can rent to you. Again, monthly rental terms apply but you can have access to a wide variety of  mediums and artists to select from.

Renting Art

This acrylic on canvas called “Landfall” is by artist Peter Dimick and can be purchased for $1,600 or rented for about $72 per month through Hangart out of San Francisco.

Renting Art

This fantastic piece, classified in photography, is by artist Raghu Rui. Titled, Clouds 3, it is for sale for $9,000 or for rent for $100 per month through Art Remba in NYC.

Renting Art

A beautiful watercolor on paper by artist Mark Oliver. This piece entitled, “Yellow House on Lafayette St.” can be purchased for $1,200 or rented for $65 per month through Artsicle, based out of NYC.

Renting Art is a fantastic way to access unique artists and try pieces that you otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to. You can Browse through collections and find something that moves you. You may even find a new favourite artist and start your own collection.

Whatever the reason, renting art is a fantastic alternative to bare walls. Give it a try, you never know what you’ll find.


Sources: Art Remba, Hang Art, Artsicle , and larger Art Galleries throughout major cities


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