You can create decor anywhere (a before and after)

As an event planner I have designed spaces for every type of event possible. From huge dinner and dances with live entertainment, to very corporate affairs like conferences or seminars, I’ve had to wear many hats to pull the event together.

My favourite part of any party or event is hands-down, the conceptualizing and styling of the look and design. Figuring out the space planning and how to place furniture and other design elements is a fun challenge and really where the creativity can be displayed. After years of having a hand in designing event spaces I enjoy bringing that element into my personal spaces like my home office and studio space.

And I really enjoy the challenge of creating something interesting, where it’s difficult to envision anything at all.

For parties and events, I am consistently challenged to transform rather dull, uninteresting spaces into something awesome. And this small, rather uninspiring vestibule at my studio space was another interesting endeavour for me. The main stumbling block was the floor. Uneven and dark, it didn’t lend well to many types of flooring options. So, a simple and relatively easy solution was to paint it white.

Here’s the floor space before:

You can create fantastic decor anywhere


Now, after one coat of white paint, the floor is almost there…

You can create decor anywhere


It’s lovely isn’t it!

But, I can tell you this. You really can create decor anywhere.

After one final coat, my vestibule was ready to come alive.


You can create decor anywhere as shown at

This window on the door is the only window to the outside in the whole studio space. Preserving it’s ability to allow light in was imperative, so covering it was not an option. But, that also means that any visitors in the building could see directly into this little space, so I wanted it to really have a smart design perspective.

The white floor provides a clean, fresh and bright canvas for the small space. Even though it is a high-traffic area, the paint is specifically for floors so it can withstand the elements.

You can create decor anywhere as shown at


A narrow, small space, becomes an inviting entrance. A peek into the studio beyond shows how consistency is achieved through the use of similar and complimentary components.


You can create decor anywhere as shown at

You can create decor anywhere as shown at

Mixing patterns is a great way to add some dimension to a smaller space.  The key is to find complimentary patterns that work well together and don’t compete to have the limelight. The chevron pattern in the runner is a subtle neutral shade so it let’s the animal print on the bench be the focal.  The art piece mimics the golden tone found in the runner but adds some additional colour.

Nowadays, our spaces are smaller or awkwardly shaped. Don’t let this stop you!  It was a bit tricky to find an appropriate runner for this long vestibule. The repetitive chevron pattern in these two smaller runners is appealing and doesn’t draw unwanted attention to where they match up. The eye is grounded by the bench and art work.

You can create decor anywhere as shown at

You can create decor anywhere as shown at

The other wall is kept neutral but envelops the warm golden hue found on the opposite wall. Creating a collage of varying items in different textures and finishes gives the depth and interest that’s needed.

You can create decor anywhere as shown at


Really, as this before and after shows, you can create decor anywhere. Have fun with patterns and prints and don’t be afraid to tackle that seemingly difficult space. By keeping the core elements like the floor and walls neutral, a small, awkward space can be a warm and welcoming spot.

Do you need help tackling a space of your own? I can help with space planning and design elements. Just send me an email to get started.



  1. Victoria Steedman

    The details in the hallway leading to the studio is visually appealing from the canvas painting to the bench as well as the florals in the glass vase to soften the look. The corner of the rug showing from the studio area completes the montage as well as continuing the visual flow.

    1. trixandtrumpet

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the images from the vestibule re-do. It was a challenging space, but I think it turned out great. The large canvas and printed bench were whimsical ways to add some personality.

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