Silver and Teal Holiday Decorating Inspiration

Each year during the holidays and winter season, I try to do something a little different with my decorating. I try to start with a good base, something that I can use year after year, and then change, add, or alter each year depending on what is inspiring me.

As I mentioned last year in my Designing Winter Planters post, using artificial greens in your design allows you to create a look that sustains the whole season (with much less maintenance  than something real), and you’ll have go-to items at the ready for the following season that you can add your new twist or theme to.

Last year, my planters and front door wreaths had a purple and green vibe to them, but this year, I’m really into silver and teal. So, following is some silver and teal inspiration for your holiday decorating and tips on how to make something have a fresh and new look.

Step 1 – Start with the Basics

So, let’s start with the basic anchor piece, like a wreath.

Silver and Teal Holiday Decorating Inspiration from

This wreath is beautiful on it’s own and has good structure, detail and interest. But, I want something a bit more. I want to create something playful with a bit of sparkle.

If you are looking for a basic wreath or holiday decor items, opt for items that have some substance to them already; interesting branches, pine cones or frosted leaves. Then you don’t need to add too much more to create the look you want. Your additions will enhance the design, not complicate it.

Step 2 – Find your Accents

I like using sprigs that are clumped together. With a good pair of wire cutters, I can use the whole bunch as one, or clip into single stems.

Silver and Teal Holiday Decorating Inspiration from

I chose to clip each silver shimmery sprig into singles to give me the most flexibility.

Step 3 – Begin your design

You can choose to add any items or details that you like. I included a ribbon into my design.

If you are planning on also incorporating ribbon or anything that needs to weave throughout your design, do that step first.

Make sure to wrap the ribbon over itself a few times to really secure it to the back of your wreath.

Silver and Teal Holiday Decorating Inspiration from


Then add pieces as you like. Take a step back, critique your design, and keep going.

Silver and Teal Holiday Decorating Inspiration from

Step 4- Don’t forget about some whimsy and fun

You can have a really classic design but still have fun with everything. Add interesting items or whimsical things to your design that speaks to your personality and your own design concept.

Silver and Teal Holiday Decorating Inspiration from

Silver and Teal Holiday Decorating Inspiration from


Step 5 – Bring it All Together

Silver and Teal Holiday Decorating Inspiration from


Continue the Silver and Teal theme through other pieces like planters or other decor elements.

Silver and Teal Holiday Decorating Inspiration from

Silver and Teal Holiday Decorating Inspiration from



So, don’t be afraid to change up your look.  If you start with good, solid anchor pieces, you can easily change the look and theme by adding a few new items that bring a whole different dimension to your decor. Have fun, be inspired and go for it.




  1. Tanya

    I love love love this idea. I put up the same four seasonal wreaths throughout the year and it’s boring. Thanks for the inspiration and tips.

    1. trixandtrumpet

      Silver and teal are a fabulous combination. Have fun revamping your wreaths. Sometimes just adding a little something is all you need to totally change the look.

  2. caryna

    Brilliant ideas..for my holiday decorating this year..

    1. trixandtrumpet

      Awesome. It’s a great colour combination that’s so fun to work with. Have a great time decorating.

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