Last week I posted a video on how I’m planning on bringing new life to a desk that I haven’t been able to use recently. You can check out the video here if you missed it.

Well, I just dove right in, head first, and it’s been going…well, not bad.

Okay, truthfully, the initial stage went well and prematurely boosted by confidence in all things do-it-yourselfer.  Here’s the status of my project while my feelings of accomplishment were still riding high:

desk redo3


I had successfully applied three layers of primer, necessary because the desk is so dark; (I’m not painting the solid bases as I’m not going to be using them).

The primer went on smoothly, I felt encouraged and so I forged on.

My expectations were pushed down a notch as I got a bit further into the project and starting applying the actual colour. Now things are serious. I can’t play around and hope for the best. I’ve committed to a colour, it’s going on, and I need to be focussed.

The first coat was good; you could still see some primer, but I knew I would have to do at least two to three coats to achieve the look I wanted.

The second coat looked amazing! On the side of the desk that is. The top, well, it wasn’t working out so well.

I think because I chose a glossy finish to give it some sheen, it wasn’t being consistent for me as I rolled the paint on top. Even with a diligent, slow and steady hand, I was getting obvious lines and a half-glossy, half-matte look…not exactly what I was going for.

A third coat didn’t improve things much and so I started to panic. Why was the paint doing this to me?! How can I possibly use this desk that so obviously was done by an amateur? I was intending to put it in my studio space that I am sharing with my friend and designer where other people may potentially see it; how can I do that now?

But, if there is anything that my career in event planning has taught me, it is to be adaptable to change. I’ve had to train myself to make changes and improvise, sometimes at a moment’s notice, that now it really does become second nature.  So, I’m going to have to channel that instinct and tackle this desk debacle in the same way.

I’m going to make it work.  And I’m going to use it!  And I’m going to love it!

But, if you have any suggestions on technique or things I should try, I’m all ears for ideas.

So, I am going to be as I was in the beginning, forging ahead and diving right in. I’m looking forward to sharing the final product with you soon (and keeping my fingers crossed for success!).



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