A few weeks ago I did a post on finding your anchor (if you missed it, you can check it out here). It was about using one piece to inspire the design of your party.

I was in the midst of styling and designing a birthday party and I used this piece as my anchor:

A green and teal party


I found this cake stand and really loved the colour and the delicate nature of it, so I thought this would be the perfect starting point for my party. I coupled it with a teal/turquoise accent and, voila…a theme was born.

I really like how fresh a sage or pale green and teal are together. It’s a colour combination that works for any party and is a good choice for a gender neutral theme.

This theme also worked really well for the venue where the party was being held. The back room had no windows, was dimly lit in parts and had a florescent light overheard. Not the most ideal of locations.

But that’s reality. We can’t manufacture the “perfect” setting and in most cases, we have to work with various obstacles in our party design. Whether it be poor lighting, an obscure pillar or a narrow width, we have to find a theme that supports the best result. For me, this colour combo was it!

So, with the colour theme in mind, I started on pulling all my elements together. I work in a casual but methodical way: I take my “anchor” and my initial theme design and build on it with each new element. From plates, to balloons, to decor and even the tiny added details, I keep my theme in mind and just grab and compile things as I find them or think of them. Everything may not work in my final design but it’s better to have more options and edit them out, then to have too little and the theme is lost.

I was pleased with the final result. I created a party that stuck quite closely to my original design concept and kept to a strict budget.

Click on the images below to view in a full slide show.


All in all, it’s easy to create an interesting party by staying true to your original concept. Find your anchor piece, that one thing that inspires you, and build everything out from there. Remember to check back to your original concept as you add your elements and then finally, pull it all together with little touches and added details.

Let me know what you think. Add a comment below on how you think everything came together.



  1. Tanya

    What an awesome party. I love all of the great tips! I will keep the teal and green combo in mind for future events – it’s a fantastic combo. The photos are great reference points for ideas too!

    1. trixandtrumpet

      Thanks Tanya. It was fun pulling the various elements together. I just really like how teal and a soft green really compliment each other. I’ve also seen teal paired with tangerine and the look was really great too. I’m going to keep that combo in mind for another party. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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