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I wish I had all white tableware. There really is something serene and beautiful and uncluttered about using white plates and serving platters and creating an all white table setting.  It’s a design element that has been used for forever, yet it still remains totally timeless.  It’s one of those colour schemes that can be oh, so casual or high-end glamour and everything else in between.

White is just so cool in it’s ability to transform.  It can be soft and delicate or strong and sturdy. It can be calm and serene or playful and fun. It really is the perfect canvas.

Sometimes I wish that I had chosen a pure white theme for my wedding registry instead of the country blue that currently sits in my cupboards (I really didn’t think about how my tastes would change!). But, as my style has evolved, I’ve managed to collect some plates and serving platters in white and even though they are not consistent or complete, I adore using them.

I think that is what I also like about using white: things don’t have to match. The colour is the common thread so the tableware can be a bit mismatched. A bowl could be scalloped, a dinner plate square, a vase bevelled…the varying textures and structures just add one more element of interest.

I like to use white for as much as the larger stuff as I can and then sprinkle a little colour throughout. Personally, I like pairing soft gold and clear glass with white but anything goes!

What do you like to do? How do you incorporate white in your table setting?

Here’s what’s on my white table:


White Table Setting



What’s on your table? Until next time, enjoy!



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