Weekend Express #1



Well, have you survived the first few weeks of the New Year?

I hope you enjoy and savour every moment of your weekend and when you need a little you time, a little break, check out the links below for some fun ideas, interesting thoughts and just some fun.  Happy Weekend.

  • I can think of so many fun ways to use this “Pause” house for parties and events.  A little resting nook, conversation area, private lounge. Tres cool.  Pause House
  • I’m not usually a DIY kinda gal but I really do love the unexpected and fun nature to this project. I may try… Valentine Surprise
  • How do you add style and sophistication to those rather boring and well, unsightly camera straps? Your answer is here:  Camera Straps
  • Soup is so comforting this time of year.  Looking forward to trying this one that uses squash which is so in season right now; Acorn Squash Soup


 photo source: prettie-sweet

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