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I think I was born to do events. As I mention in my extended bio, I didn’t actually think it would be a career (I wanted to be a performer! oh wonderful dreams!), but I truly was engrossed in events and parties for my whole life. I didn’t actually think it would be a real job, let alone one that would challenge, sometimes frustrate and almost always be inspire me.

When I decided to take my experience and provide a platform for education and advice, starting a blog was a no brainer. I loved to write, I loved to plan events and there were people who could probably use some of the insight that I had. I really enjoy all the challenges of pulling real live events together, but this space here allows me to indulge in quirky and fun things that make me feel good, and I hope that it does the same for you. That should be enough right?

Well, the blogging world is immense, and I have been on a steep learning curve figuring out all the intricacies and must-do’s to have a successful blog. I want the site to continually evolve with more insight, more inspiration, more tips and just more stuff.  I want it to be around for the long-run.

So, as I try to educate and inspire you, I am looking to my own go-to experts and continue to educate and train myself on ways of building something better and better. One of my favourite blogs, decor8blog, provides e-learning courses and I’m totally into one right now that is so insightful, I can’t wait to initiate some of the things that I will learn.

So, my weekend will be spent taking some time to learn and build a good foundation of best practices.

I’ve gathered a few fun links for you to spend your weekend delving into.

What’s inspiring you lately?


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