Okay, so it’s not really the weekend and I totally didn’t post this on Friday but I have a very legitimate reason as to it’s delay.

I was away for the week and, well, basically….I HAD NO INTERNET!

No really.

Okay, technically I did have WiFi but with constant interruptions and lapses in service, I just gave into the frustration, closed down my computer and hoped you’d understand.

What was so telling to me, was that, while I’ve experienced glitches in service before, when you rely on the Internet for your work and sustainability, it has a huge impact when you can’t access your stuff or get done what you need to get done.

But it was also a lesson in letting go.  My ranting and raving didn’t magically turn everything back on; it just made me more stressed out and irritable. So, I had to just deal with it and chill and, in the end, everything was okay.

So, instead of not posting at all, I’ll do my weekend express a few days later and you can browse through the links on a Monday morning when work is the last thing you want to be doing.


photo source: fashioninmysoul


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