Ah, this is the view I wish I was looking at….



Instead, this is the view I currently have…



It’s a snow day!

So that means, it’s a pyjama-wearing, movie-watching, snowman-making kind of day. Can you sense my enthusiasm! I love all the seasons here, but honestly, winter is not my favourite. I mean, the snow is so beautiful when it comes falling peacefully and gracefully down, creating a winter wonderland of sorts.

But then, we have to go out and shovel, wind whipping the snow in our face, our toes getting numb. And what’s the point really, more snow will keep coming down.

However, with all that said, this really is the most snow that we’ve gotten in awhile. So, I think I will sit back and enjoy it.

The shovelling can wait, and I really don’t need to over-exert myself!

As you enjoy and relax this weekend, here are some fun links for you to check out. Since it’s the last weekend before Valentine’s Day, there’s a bit of a romantic theme. ¬†Have fun


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