Weekend Express #4


I’m so glad that January is over.  Getting through the longest month of the year is, well, long.  All I want to do is wrap myself up and savour a big slice of gooey chocolate cake! February always brings some new life to things.  It’s shorter, punctuated by Valentine’s Day fun and a final seguay into an approaching Spring (can you tell I don’t love the cold!)

Fall is my ultimate favourite time of year, but Summer is looking pretty attractive to me right now.

What about you? What’s your favourite season?

Have a fabulous weekend and here’s some links for you to enjoy.

Need someone to dine with, or maybe just want to meet some new people.  Check out this app: Grubwithus 

Wow, one of the most over the top kids stores I’ve ever seen. No sticky fingers here: Bambini Kids

If you ever need to hire a live band or DJ, find some really solid tips and advice here: 10 Things to Ask the Band

Need a little chocolate fix? Try this very easy and deliciously good cake: Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

Looking for some inspiration for valentine’s gift wrapping? Have a look here: Simple yet cute wrapping


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