Weekend Express #17


It was a short week here and I feel like it was busier than usual.  I find that that always happens to me; there is a much needed, and much anticipated long weekend (yay) but, then the shortened week that follows is just rammed with stuff to get done both on the work and personal fronts. But, even though I feel like there is not enough time in the day, I would never give up that extra day of relaxation and reprieve.

And now it’s the weekend again.

What are your plans for the Memorial Day Weekend? Family, friends, travel? Or maybe just a time to do nothing. Ah, bliss.

Whatever and however you choose to spend your time, enjoy. And have fun checking out this week’s Weekend Express links.

  • I love a decorated party, but honestly, it can get overwhelming trying to find and purchase what you need to create your look.  But how about recycling party decorations from things that you already have? Neat idea. 
  • So with the spring and summer harvest upon us, will you be doing any jams, salsa or sauces? They’re great and personal gifts for later in the year (hello Thanksgiving and Christmas) and you can customize your creations with these fun printables.
  • I stumbled on this site and so love the product.  While technically geared towards the bridal industry, I think these cute and interesting gifts would be awesome for any gal at anytime. Seriously.
  • With summer party season fast approaching, I can’t wait to make and use these cool ice cubes.  They are clever, cute and pretty to look at.


photo source: a country farmhouse


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