Weekend Express #16

pear blossom


Ah, the colours and feelings of Spring.  Honestly, while I love the four seasons and all that they bring, the winter was far too long so Spring; Bring It On!

With that said, we should all be outside enjoying time with our family and friends so I will keep the weekend express links to a minimum. Enjoy them when you feel the need to take a little break.

  • I am obsessed with tomatoes and caprese salads and sandwiches so I am embarrassingly drooling over this recipe. Yummy, yum, yum. 
  • I’m kind of crushing on this online magazine. Check out this months issue for some rather quirky interior design.
  • My penchant for paper and stationary would border on an obsession; I love anything paper oriented. So, I totally dig these different wrapping papers.
  • Do you like to accessorize? With all the flashy and bedazzled iphone cases out there, these stylish and artsy offerings are a fresh approach.
  • This should have been my first link, the images are so beautiful. I have been forever intrigued by Iceland and getting lost in these images has renewed my enthusiasm. How about you?

That’s it, that’s all.  Have an amazing weekend.


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