Weekend Express #15

So, the weather here yesterday was amazing. The sun was shining (finally!), it was warm (no coats!) and it really jolted me out of a greyish funk. Going out in the city last night was the perfect reminder of the good stuff in life. Being with friends, laughing, the air warm and expectant, people out to see and be seen. While there is something to be said for solitary time, nothing is better than just getting out there and living life. Even the recurrence of rain today won’t spoil my mood. No, you can try rain, but it won’t work. I’ve tasted Spring and I know it’s here.

For the next few weeks I am doing some posts on Mother’s Day ideas with links to some things that I think are pretty cool. So, because of that, I’ll be taking a little hiatus on the links for the Weekend Express.  You don’t need a bunch of links all the time so I won’t put that out there to you. The first post has some  fun DIY ideas for Mom and you can check it out here, and look forward to some new ideas next week.

So, what are you inspired to do this weekend?  Read, nap, call a friend, hang out with family, shop, lounge, throw a party?

Whatever it is enjoy, and I’ll see you next week!


weekend express 15


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