Weekend Express #13

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Ahh, the sun is shining today, the weather is getting warmer and my mood is definitely heading in a positive direction.

Aren’t these pics amazing? They’re from a styled party that’s one of my weekend express links for today. ¬†Browsing through them makes me so excited about warmer weather and being outdoors; there’s nothing better than a warm evening outside with good friends, great food and a setting sun. Love.

Have a fantastic weekend. Enjoy.

  • Here are some clever and interesting ways to use and display photographs: the art of displaying photos
  • Love this little peek into the desks of those stylish bunch at Vanity Fair; can mine compare?: The desks of Vanity Fair
  • Beautiful designed outdoor party, plus some floral how-to and a recipe: Spring dinner party
  • I totally wish I had this when planning my wedding! Getting married, or know someone who is, check this out: Cloud Parade
  • Simple, easy french fry recipe that makes it okay to indulge, potatoes are vegetables!¬†Baked french fries


photo source: designsponge



  1. Stacey

    I love this round-up! And the photo is fantastic! Though, I’m not sure I’d want Vanity Fair to publish a picture of my desk. Perhaps I should work on that!

    1. trixandtrumpet

      I know, I was a little bit embarrassed about my office space too, but I’ve just done a major redo. It will be a feature on the blog this week. So excited to share. Thanks for your comment Stacey.

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