So, I keep plugging away at my new office space. Here are two sneak peeks at the direction I’m going.

The artwork that’s got me inspired:


And some accoutrements:

But, while I definitely have a cool-tone vibe, there are a couple of surprises that give me even more inspiration.  I’ll save those for the complete look. I’m still keeping my eye out on some finishing touches and hope to do the full reveal soon (can’t wait!)

This week, my weekend express links are all over the place with ideas that are fun, that I love, and that are just interesting.  It should make for some fun browsing as you enjoy your last weekend of the month.

  • I have always dreamed of going to Tuscany and these wedding photos are exactly what I picture it to be. Rustic, romantic and just so beautiful: Beautifully Tuscany
  • Are you having an Ocsar’s party? Or maybe you just want to have a little fun yourself. Print out this “Who Will Win” card and see how many you get right: Countdown to Oscars
  • I’m totally into sleek lines and clean looks, especially for home decor. Check out his beautiful hand-crafted table from nisah studio: Linéaire dining table
  • Honestly the cutest use for an old milk carton: fun milk carton
  • This is just weird. Not related to parties, events or even your lifestyle, I couldn’t pass up sharing this with you: Massive Nests




  1. Vanessa

    Looking forward to seeing the reveal. And, thanks for the shout out;)

    1. trixandtrumpet

      Can’t wait for the office to come together. Still working on the final touches but hope it’s all finished soon to share with you.

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