I’ve been doing some re-organizing and re-decorating in my home and my office space and it’s really got me focussing on the basics again;  my design trio of lights, windows and walls. I’ve previously posted on the importance of incorporating all three in any decor design (find post here) and since it’s been awhile that I’ve posted anything on decor, I thought I’d touch on the need to incorporate good wall design into your decor plan.

When designing and executing events, you have to look at all aspects and ensure that you are looking beyond the obvious. Every space should be attended to so that the look is fully complete. The same concept works in our home decor and design; without the fluid connection between all your spaces, the design doesn’t look complete. Your walls are an excellent place to find continuity in colour, or design, or theme.

Wall space and how we treat it is an essential component of good design. Yes, we all know about paint, and wallpaper, and hanging pictures. But, we must give greater thought as to how we pull things together on the wall. Walls are huge, fantastic canvasses where more of our design philosophy and own personality can be reflected in fun, whimsical, bold, interesting or unique ways.

Walls connect each room, so what is on them can continue the journey through your design. Painting one room but not another, or hanging one small picture on a vast wall doesn’t do your home justice and opportunities for cool design are lost. A thoughtful approach with some planning beforehand, will ensure that there is continuity with your decor. If there is a base feeling maintained, then fun and whimsical details won’t seem out of place, but rather, will shine.

Don’t be afraid to use different elements and textures. Consider painting some rooms and then introducing an amazing wallpaper in a powder room that has essences of the same colour palette as the paint.  Flipping a horizontal picture on a vertical can create a totally different look and may fill up an awkward space. A strange nook can be transformed with some elegant hooks. Or even go further and create stone walls or living walls; the possibilities are very exciting.

Walls can also be functional when space is at a premium. Small apartments and condos can use wall space to introduce storage and organizing elements. Or a home office can use the wall space to hang functional, and cool, shelves. I sounds so obvious, but I tell you, I didn’t use the wall space in my office for anything except pictures (I know right?!). It wasn’t until I decided to do an overhaul and saw the room as a blank slate that I realized I really wasn’t using my space efficiently or effectively.

Our homes are wonderful expressions of who we are and what we like. Your walls aren’t just what is keeping your house standing up; use them as great extensions to the functionality and design of your home’s decor.

What are your thoughts on using your wall space? What is on your walls?


The first thing you notice here is the artwork. Bold colours and a linear design add so much interest to this modern room. Image from dwell.com

The idea of hanging multiple pictures in a collage is nothing new but this design takes if further but using various sizes, frames and colours. However, there is a pattern and consistency in the design so it doesn’t look haphazard.

Whoa, colour! A bold wall, like this emerald green, can work extremely well when other elements in the room are more muted and neutral. The cream drapes and grey couch are neutral anchors to the wall.

Ah, yes please. I would enjoy this bathroom! Turn any wall into a major design feature with stone. Go grand like this bathroom, or more minimalist with a smaller feature wall. It adds great interest and warmth.

Layering your wall with different elements adds tons of personality. The bold yellow colour and pattern of the wallpaper gives a cheerful backdrop to very interesting art.

Accent walls are great for really drawing the eye and adding depth and personality to any space. Playful elements, like the fun drapes, are easily pulled off because the colour of the wall is so interesting and really sets the tone of a quirky, fun space.

Again, by having a neutral wall colour, artwork can really take centre stage. So much of the design in this room either flows from, or works well with, the wall decor.


Living walls can be incorporated in the interior or your home. They provide great benefits both to your own health and wellness but also to the functionality of your home. image greenovergrey.com


When space is at a minimum, walls can be used in delightful ways to aid in storage and organization. image from oyoy living design oyoy.dk



  1. Stacey

    Hello Fellow BYW Student!

    I have been perusing the class blog roll and have found myself spending a lot of time on your site this evening. It’s fantastic! I really like your inspiration photos on both posts for your home office…I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

    See you in class!


    1. trixandtrumpet

      Thanks so much Stacey. I’m looking forward to the reveal of the new office and to see what everyone thinks. Popped over to your blog and it is great too! It really did, make me smile!
      See you in class!

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