For my wedding I had a sign in table for guests but, instead of a guest book where they just sign their name, I provided little cards and asked guests to write a little something for us. A memory, thoughts of the day, words of advice.

I go back and read those little cards from time to time and it always makes me feel good and transports me back to some fantastic memories.

I always encourage people to have something like that for any party they may do, not just a wedding. A baby shower, an anniversary party, a significant birthday; whatever.  You can use a guest book or cards, but encourage people to write something more then just their name.

It’s super fun for the guests who can leave a funny comment or make an interesting observation.

And it is great fun for you, the host, to read everything after everyone has left and you can relive the fun times all over again. Some of the observations people make or thoughts they have are really insightful and it’s a good opportunity for you to read about something that happened that you may have missed.

I have this great guest book below, and it’s really awesome.  I can use it at so many different parties and create a collection of memories.


use a guest book


The inside pages are so fun and whimsical that guests have a blast thinking of something funny (or a bit cheeky) to write.

use a guest book


But you don’t need to scour the bookstores for a fancy book. You can use this as inspiration to create your own unique guest book, with fun and interesting questions or ideas. Print off a few pages, staple together and add a cool ribbon or cover. Voila.

Or, use single cards that can be combined into a scrapbook later on, or catalogued in a binder.

Use a guest book

The possibilities are abundant and much of the fun is putting it all together.

The truth is, when we go that little extra mile to enhance the experience for our guests, the whole party is just better. And when we get back to basics and ask them to write something down, we connect with them and extend the memory. It’s a really great feeling when you see someone during your party take a moment and comment on things.

And here’s the fun part. “Like” this post on Facebook, or comment below on what your favourite guest book question would be, to get a chance to win your own guest book, just like mine from above.

Little elements and small ideas can really add so much depth and interest to your party. Use a guest book, and prolong the memories.


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