Tips on Selecting the Right Linens for your Party

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Having a fabulous table linen can really elevate your party and is a wonderful way to carry through your theme or create a specific design element.

And the choice….oh, it’s amazing, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a difficult time deciding and narrowing down your choices.

But, sometimes that can be a bit of a problem too. With so many different sizes, styles, prices, textures…it can sometimes be overwhelming figuring everything out.

I’ve outlined my tips on selecting the right linens for your party and also given you a basic linen chart so you’ll know what size of linen you’ll need for the tables you will be using.

So, you need to rent some linens.

Here’s what you should consider when you think about linens for your next party:

  1. Your theme. Is your party laid back and casual? More formal or traditional? The type of event you are having helps you zero in on the types of linens you should be considering so that you don’t get side-tracked with options that don’t work with your theme.
  2. Are you renting any other items like tables, chairs or plates? Check out your rental companies linen selection. Many have some great basic options that could work for your party and you can save on delivery expenses.
  3. What size tables are you using? Tables vary not only in width but also in height. Will you have a combination of both and do all of your tables require the same linen or any linen at all?
  4. Consider your budget. Most basic linens range in price from $5 to $20 or $30 per linen depending on the size of your table and the type of linen. Higher end linens that have added extras like sequins or specialty silk can increase the per linen cost to $40, $60, $80 or more. Setting a clear budget helps to control whether your linens are a piece of the whole look or a real show stopper.
  5. Consider alternatives. Perhaps your venue already has crisp white table linens that can work for your party. Consider renting overlays or table runners that can enhance your theme but aren’t as overpowering as a full linen (this is great for incorporating a theme colour).

Okay, so you’ve given some thought to what type of linen you need and your budget. But, how do you know what size to order?

Linen Sizing Made Easy

One imperative that you must remember is that the key to good overall design is to ensure your table linens just grace, or gently touch, the floor. Anything above the floor looks unfinished and not as appealing.

If you prefer a more sumptuous look, then you can have some pooling, but beware of too much extra fabric that can be cumbersome for guests and start to look cluttered.

The following chart is a general guideline to selecting the right linen size for the most commonly used tables. For more modular, modern and lounge type seating, special linen would need to be considered (email me if you need help sourcing linens for square or unusual tables).

selecting the right linen for your party from


I hope that these tips will help you select the right linens for your next party. If you need any help or assistance, just send me an email and I would be delighted to help.

Happy party planning.


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