The Trix & Trumpet Shop is Opening Soon

It’s true.  The Trix & Trumpet Shop is set to open really, really soon.

It will be small initially, offering just a few curated items, but it’s very exciting and a whole lot of fun.

So, how did this come to be? Well, it just sort of happened. I knew all along that at some point I would love to have a small on-line boutique to provide my point of view with party decor. I wanted to be able to reach people who I am not able to work with in person and be able to provide my styling concept to whoever liked it. But what should I offer that already isn’t out there? Where could I fill a void, or give real value, even if it was small?

I had an idea percolating but I couldn’t delve in just yet. I had to do my research first.

Back in the Fall, I took some time to check stuff out on-line.  I researched and researched and researched. Found suppliers, looked at possible competitors. It’s a heavily saturated arena and there are companies that are producing some really awesome stuff.  I saw variations on my little brewing idea but, nothing exact, really.

So, I began narrowing down suppliers and looks and by early 2014, I had two to three designs formulated.

Okay, so designs of what right? What am I going on about?

I decided to create a signature product. The Dinner Party Box.

Each box will contain the items that you need to make your next dinner party fabulous. I’ve curated designs that give a cohesive look and let you have fun pulling everything together.

While there are party-in-a-box concepts out there, with Dinner Party Box, the emphasis is on products that you can use again and again. 80% of each box, in fact, can be used another time for another dinner party or for whatever you’d like. I want to provide real value and offer items that are chic, interesting and fun.

Here’s a sneak peek of two of the designs.


Trix & Trumpet Shop Opening Soon at

Trix & Trumpet Shop Opening Soon at

Trix & Trumpet Shop Opening Soon at www.

Trix & Trumpet Shop Opening Soon at

Trix & Trumpet Shop Opening Soon at

Trix & Trumpet Shop Opening Soon at

Trix & Trumpet Shop Opening Soon at

Trix & Trumpet Shop Opening Soon at

Trix & Trumpet Shop Opening Soon at

Trix & Trumpet Shop Opening Soon at


What do you think? I love the colour burst in the Multi-Colour Chevron palette and the gold in the Sage and Gold palette actually has a subtle, shimmery metallic finish; fun!

I’m working on new designs and colour palettes right now to expand the variety. Any colour combinations that you just have to have? Let me know.

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Looking forward to growing the shop into a spot where you love coming to.


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