Sure, our front door is one way (sometimes the only way), of getting to the inside of our house.  But how important is it really other than for function?

The answer: it is VERY important.

The front door is the first real glimpse of who you are, your design philosophy and what type of things you are interested in.  It sounds rather simplistic I know, but how many times have you driven or walked past a house and made a snap decision about who lives there based on how their front is maintained? Exactly!  We don’t mean to, but we judge and having an awesome front door speaks volumes as to how you care for your home and how you want people to view you.

Now, I’m not talking about major overhauls here; you don’t need to get a new door, or  new expensive hardware; you just really need to pay attention to what you have and make sure that it is the best reflection of you and your style.

Cleanliness is the most important aspect so always be sure that there are no leaves or debris around your door and clear away any of those pesky spiderwebs and bugs.  A home that was selling in my neighbourhood had an open house one weekend in which I went to check it out.  The front porch was lovely but filled with cobwebs in corners, water-stained furniture and chipping paint.  Hello; YOU ARE SELLING YOUR HOUSE! Unfortunately I made an instant judgement from my very first impression that clouded anything else that I might see.

So…..your front entry is VERY important.

From an event or party perspective your front door is a crucial element in your whole design.  Likely your guests will be coming through your front door, so treat it as the first instance in which they will be touched by your party.  Your front door is really your first impression and a remarkably easy place to add some colour, texture and theme for your party. Can you tie in your theme with colour in wreaths? How about adding lights to your planters? Maybe suspending enclosed candles from an alcove? The front door is a perfect place to create a “mini” theme that links to your party inside.  It doesn’t have to be over-the-top or crazy in design: a basic wreath with a splash of colour will do the trick.  You can be as minimalist or crazy as your want, just have some fun.

Regardless of what you actually put on your door or how you choose to decorate it and the front of your home, you should ensure that the vibe is welcoming and inviting.

When your guests leave, it is the door and the front of your home that they see last. Having an awesome front door would be a great finale to what likely was a fantastic evening.


photo credits: martha stewart; crate and barrel; pottery barn; best home decorators; budget wise home



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