Should I hire a planner

Chances are pretty good that at some point in our lives, we’ll through a pretty big party. And most likely, because of the sheer size and number of elements that go into big parties and events, like a wedding, hiring a planner will be something that’s definitely thought about.  While it’s common to hire a wedding planner to handle and work through all the multitude of details for the big day,  we often shy away from considering using a planner for the other events in our lives.

Yet when is it really necessary to hire a planner to help with event details? Do you really need someone else to pull the elements together of your party that isn’t a large as a wedding would be?

Being an event professional, I will be slightly biased in saying that I think hiring a planner usually only has an upside. But, I will be honest and say that not everyone, nor every event, needs the extra help from a professional.

The choice is really yours. Events and parties are not managed solely by professionals. Everyone, everywhere gives or goes to parties. They are universal and we all pretty much have the basics down pat. But with increasing demands on our time and ever demanding schedules, planning parties, no matter what the size can be a bit daunting.

The whole essence of this blog is to provide tips, advice and inspiration for any party in your life and to give you the tools and information to get things done yourself. However, while doing the florals yourself, or cooking all the food, or even doing some DIY projects to really add spark to your party is great, there may often be times when you are not sure how to approach something or who to ask for advice.

A professional planner can help on many levels. I know that there is often hesitation because there is the assumption that a planner will only do the whole event, that you don’t have the budget to hire someone, or that what you need is too small. Many planners will offer their services on different levels – full event coordination, one-on-one consulting or just for the day to ensure things run smoothly. The main thing that you need to assess is your own stress level. Is this party a smaller get together that you can be more casual about or is it an event that has many different elements that you feel a little overwhelmed? If you need a little help, there is definitely someone who can set you on the right path.

Any time you can use the experience or knowledge from someone it’s a good thing. A professional planner may have insight or connections to things you may not have even thought of or had access to. Even if it is just information gathering, or a one-time consultation, a professional planner can give a fresh approach or help you to see things in a different way. We can all get stuck, so insight from someone who’s done this before, probably many times over, could save you time and added stress.

Again, should you hire a planner? The choice is really up to you. The clients that I’ve helped through consultation and planning feel more empowered to make the right decision, and sometimes when something is really bugging you, having another outlook and being given some options really takes a weight off your shoulders. You may opt to work with a planner in person to help with your party, or seek the advice from someone in order to execute things yourself, or just navigate everything on your own. You decide what’s best for you, but for whatever you need help with, you can find someone who can help make it more fun and streamlined.

Do you have any questions about an upcoming party? Or need some consultation on direction or help sourcing some elements? We can help you with any of your needs. Check out the Services page or send an email to get started. From venue sourcing, budget questions, contract review, even brainstorming a theme, Trix & Trumpet can help you.  Talk to you soon.




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