Ooooh, glorious, sumptious plum. This hue, to me, is so decadent in its bold and striking form.  Yet, it can be played so subtly, so soft.  It’s more versatile then we give it credit for and it makes a fantastic colour palette for any party or event.

But plum can be a confusing colour.  Is it purple or more pink and rose in nature? Does it harken more to the darker palette and closer to eggplant or black? Really, where does it lie on the colour spectrum and when can I actually call it plum?!

I view plum as a combination of many colours and hues and that’s probably why is goes so well with other colour schemes.  I find it draws tones from purples and violets and the punchiness from a deep rose.  And it can vary in intensity from dark and bold to lighter and more subtle. Just like a real plum in nature, it can have such a variation of intensity.

Plum is an excellent colour for Fall and Winter, probably because it’s often found in rich fabrics and there is a warmth to it that is unexpected.

Draw from a variety of things to find inspiration for your party using plum.  It can be your main, dominant colour theme, but it also pairs beautifully with other colours like deep orange or turquoise. As you scroll through the images, notice how the plum colour varies but the overall richness of the colour prevails.

As you plan your event, think of interesting ways to incorporate plum into your overall theme.  Looking to interiors for inspiration is a great source and food is an awesome way to play out colour in a fun and funky way.  Lighting is another great way to incorporate plum.  Using plum coloured votive candles will create a warm glow and for larger events, specialty lighting can cast an over-riding theme.

Plum is wonderful colour, and here’s hoping you find your inspiration.

peachy bliss

100 layer cake
paper and cake
Mindy Weiss
Photo credits: scrapbook; peachy bliss; vanilla kai; happy wish company; etsy; 100 layer cake; paper and cake, mindy weiss; karen tran


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