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I’m always looking for interesting and quirky ways to bring some interest to a party.  I love the little details that people do and strive to bring some small touches to the events that I do. We often think of weddings as the time to add personlization, but it can absolutely be used for so many events.  By using personalized wrapping and ribbon, you can create an unexpected moment for your guests and not only is it fun but it adds a touch of whimsy to everything.

Yes, it works incredibly well for wedding favours and gifts; print the date, or the names of the bride and groom, and you’ve added some originality to your event.  But also think about all the other events in your life, like a kids birthday party, baby shower or anniversary event where you can print a personalized message for the guests and really use the wrapping and ribbon to drive your theme or message home; for example:

  • Thanks for coming to my 8th birthday party
  • Love and memories for Anne and John’s anniversary
  • Being with friends is the best present of all
  • Have a roaring good time

You can have fun with it and it will continue your theme. If planned well, the message can be more generic so guests could use the wrapping or ribbon again (yes, you can use wrapping again! In fact, you should!)

A quick search on the Internet and you’ll find lots of places that you can order from, and at reasonable costs.

I think I may try this for my next party!

The stationery studio

Customized wrapping can make holiday gift giving even more special. Whether for a holiday party or just for your own presents, it’s something fun to try.


Use customized gift wrap to commemorate your special event.

the stationery studio

Try using customized wrapping for gifts for your guests. The wrapping becomes a part of the gift and creates a beautiful moment.

The stationery Studio

Having small guest favours in customized boxes, carries the theme and reinforces the celebration.

the stationery studio

Use personalized wrapping to bring an element of fun to a birthday party, baby shower or kid’s event. It’s cute and your guests can’t help but smile.

wedding paper divas

Want to customize in a different way? Try ribbon instead of wrapping.

wedding paper divas

Use your ribbon or wrapping to convey a theme or special message.

the stationery studio

Use personalized tags to put that extra touch to your party or event.


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