There are so many details to think about when you are doing an event, no matter how small or large the festivities.  Often times we think about the big picture (which is, of course, a necessity) but forget about the small, little touches that bring so much personality to a party.  I know that I have said it many times before, but it is important to think about interesting or quirky ways to punch up your event or party.  Bringing in creative and fun packaging can be a way to accomplish that.

I am a total sucker for packaging.  Let me loose in a stationary or craft store and I can spend hours going through little boxes and bags, gift tags, ribbon, stickers, you name it.  And forget about cruising online….hours, I mean hours, looking at invites and wrapping items.  I just like how things can be wrapped up into neat little packages and how much fun it is to give, and receive little tokens.

For any party or event I do, I try to have something that guests can take away.  Usually something simple like cookies or wrapped candies.  Sometimes, I have them take home some of the florals.  In all cases, it’s not necessarily what’s on the inside but rather, what‘s on the outside that really matters.  How something is put together and packaged makes all the difference.



Think about something small for your guests to take home with them to have after the party is over.  Maybe you go to a bulk store and get some wrapped chocolates, or maybe you make the best chocolate chip cookies, or maybe you even have some fresh herbs; whatever it is, packing it in an interesting way is a fantastic way to end your party or event on a high note.  How can someone resist a little something to take home.  And no-one, I mean no-one, can resist opening up a awesomely packaged little gift.



The packaging and wrapping options are so plentiful now, that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or a lot of time sourcing and purchasing things.  Even the local dollar store has great little pouches and bags.  Whatever your budget, you can have a lot of fun finding something cool.  I look online quite a bit to find something interesting and different.  Little boxes, bags or tags are the easiest thing to shop for online because you don’t need to worry about whether something will fit.  The dimensions are specific, so you are able to plan everything accordingly. Sometimes I can find really creative items that I just can’t find in a bricks and mortar store (in fact, check out the links below, even for a bit of fun browsing).



Packaging and wrapping is also another great way to carry through with your theme.  I used a black and fuschia colour theme for a bachelorette party (the same colours as the wedding) and packaged up some hershey kisses in little black boxes with fuschia ribbon.  All lined up on the table at each place setting, it delivered another great visual and added a completed feel to the decor.



We all like getting little tokens and gifts.  Make sure at your next event you don’t forget about packaging up something for your guests.  Trust me, you’ll have a ton of happy guests.


Photo credits: Branch and Cotton; Toodles Noodles; TomKat Studio; Kis For Calligraphy


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