My Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I know, you need another “list” of ideas for Father’s Day right? Well, I think these gift ideas are pretty cool.  I’ve combed through many other lists and ideas and compiled this top list of my own.

Guys are usually pretty easy to buy for. Most are happy with something sports related or technical in nature. But Father’s Day can be a great way to find something different or interesting.

I found a lot of cool things for Dad, too many to list, so I’ve chosen a few that I think are fun, different and a little classic. Stuff that Dad probably wouldn’t buy for himself but would love to receive. Here’s my top Father’s Day gift ideas:

Fathers Day Top Gifts

  1. I love this idea. Yes, our smartphones do take amazing pictures but sometimes there are things that only a DSLR can do.  Now with this Look Lock, you can attach your smartphone to your DSLR camera and really kick it up a notch. You can show a video or use it as a teleprompter or show your subject what they look like….really neat. 
  2. Okay if this Grillbot really works, it is a genius invention. Any guy would love this automatic grill cleaner; one touch and it cleans a messy, dirty grill for you.
  3. Summertime is the time to travel, and who says it can’t have a little luxury. I love the colour of this Coach travel bag and it would a super durable little piece for wherever your guy goes.
  4. For those guys who seem to have everything, these cufflinks would definitely fit the bill.  They are made from authentic, salvaged stadium seats and you can choose from several ballparks. Kinda cool idea.
  5. Guys like gadgets and scienc-y things, no matter what age they are. I think this personal weather station is so cool, and something that any guy would spend the afternoon figuring out and putting together.
  6. There is something so masculine and classy about old-fashioned, classic shaving. No pumping foam, disposable razor or buzzing of electronics. Just pure soap, a good brush and a little time. And it looks good sitting on the countertop.
  7. Now back to cool tech-y things, these mobile speakers are great. We always have our smartphones, we likely have some cool tunes on them, the party’s started….and there’s no way to amplify. These speakers are small, compact and provide 6 hours of battery time. Not bad.
  8. There is a wood trend going on and I like it. These sunglasses are simple, classic and chic. A natural cool for anyone.
  9. Guys love cartoons and for many, they grew up watching looney tunes cartoons. I think they would love going back to their youth and having a good watch from this collection.

So, have fun and enjoy.


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