Music (another essential element)


I was having a few friends over for dinner and I was inspired to go through my catalogue of CD’s in an attempt to load some onto my ipod.  I have so many CD’s and some awesome tunes were lying in a box and needed to be brought alive again.  As I was going through everything and listening to tunes on the computer I was totally struck by the power that all this music had over me.  Memories flashed by, my mood changed, laughter ensued, and just a generally good time was being had.  Music is so important and is the one medium that really does envelope every fibre of our lives.  I began to see my life as a musical timeline in which particular songs defined specific moments in my life.  I’m listening to Crazy Mary by Pearl Jam and circa 1994 in my last year of high school (no doing the math people!) flashes back and I remember where I was and who I was with and it’s just an awesome memory.  We tend to take music for granted.  That it is supposed to be there, all the time, ready for us to decide if we want to listen.  And, we are very cavalier in our treatment of it.  Think back to some fantastic memory from your past.  Maybe late high school at a party, or University during the first thrilling and frightening first weeks, or maybe that vacation that totally defined your twenties.  I guarantee every memory, every moment has music as it’s bookends, as the thread that weaves it all together.  But that’s what we expect it to be, a natural and obvious inclusion in all that we do. Where would we be without music?!

You must always keep this in mind when planning and executing your events.  Any event, anywhere…there is no exception.  Music is the one element that does not discriminate against size or style.  It is essential to creating a mood, a moment and of course a memory.  Listen, I had no business being a twenty-something bride leading, yes I said leading, a conga line at my wedding.  I am the anti-cheese girl but here I was, feeling the music and doing the cheesiest of all things, at my own elegant wedding! But I remember it, and I laugh and I feel like the luckiest girl to have those good times.

When planning your event, think about how music can be incorporated into it.  Is it a small get together where you dock your ipod and let the tunes roll? Take some time to create a great playlist that’s a mix of chill and fun.  Are you having a children’s party? Maybe music could be incorporated with the kids playing some of their own, an impromptu band! Larger event like an anniversary party, baby or bridal shower or significant birthday? Maybe a band would be cool, or a playlist of the guest of honour’s favourite songs. And if you are planning a wedding, don’t forget about the ceremony music.  Often we get caught up in the reception but the ceremony can be one of the most beautiful parts of the whole wedding and capturing each moment with song choices that reflect your specific mood and feeling can be amazing.

I found some more CD’s that I can’t wait to have a listen to.  I’ve just popped some St. Germain in, and plan on chillin’ for the morning, letting the memories wash over me



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