So, even though we have the best of intentions and we try and plan ahead, sometimes we just can’t get that gift in time and we’re left scrambling at the last minute trying to find something. And if you’re anything like me, at a time when I am pressed to make a decision quickly, my brain seizes up on me and I find it difficult to commit to something. Should I get this? Or maybe that? Ugh, too much and not enough time!

Well, have no fear. There are still some great things for you to find and get that will be fabulous gifts for Mom. I’ve put together this Mother’s Day Ideas board for some last minute inspiration. The best part is that all of these are easy to find in almost any city and they do not look last minute at all. In fact, Mom will be super delighted to receive something so thoughtful (wink!).



mothers day ideas last minute



1. Okay, jewellery is always a safe bet. But it can be monotonous, after all, you can’t get your Mom a new necklace or bracelet for every occasion. So, try something a little different. There is definitely a rose gold thing going on right now. It’s been here for awhile, but I seem to be seeing more and more of it. And Michael Kors does good watches and he can be found at so many retail outlets including his own stores. Check out this pretty watch of his, one of just many to choose from.

2. I love giving things that someone may not buy for themselves. These Kate Spade doggie plates, available at Macy’s, are so quirky and fun but practical too. Probably not something Mom would scoop up for herself but would totally use if gotten as a gift.

3. I know, I know…creams and lotions are easy go-to gifts for Mom, but to make it special, try to find one that’s a little more luxurious and different. This one is available at Bath & Body Works and is probably something Mom wouldn’t buy for herself. Who wouldn’t want to receive a luminous body souffl√©? Mmmm, lovely.

4. Mother’s Day is a great time to find an interesting and funky gifts that Mom can really use. I love this tray, also available at Macy’s for it’s super cool pattern and colours. Everyone could always use a tray, and the linear design of this makes it a bit different. Maybe, I will just pick this up for myself…..

5. This is a great and super easy gift to do yourself. If you are planning on picking up some flowers, go one step further and present them in this chic way. Find the how-to instructions here.

6. You can never have enough mugs! And these monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie are reasonable, have great colours and would be beautiful to serve a drink in. Mix and match colours, have one initial or two, give in pairs or more; it’s a great gift to give and to receive.

So go out, and be confident in your finds. Even if your Mother’s Day gift is a little last minute, you will, no doubt be able to find something amazing.


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