Okay, so we’ve covered some fun DIY gifts you could do for Mom, we’ve found some really great recipes to try for a Mother’s Day Brunch, how about some fun little gifts for her special day?

I like Mother’s Day because it is the perfect occasion to go as subtle or as big as you want. Whether you opt for a gorgeous bouquet of flowers or pick up something that she’s been wanting for awhile, there are tons of options.

But sometimes that’s the problem.  There’s too much to decide from. Should I get this, or how about that…oh, it just becomes all too confusing and, at least for me, my good intentions of finding something early and really taking my time gets completely thrown off course as my indecision takes me all the way to the wire.

Well, here are some mother’s day ideas for fun gifts to try. I think these gifts are a little shake up of practicality with style. Function with fun.  Do you have a favourite?


mothers day fun gifts



1. Big statement necklaces are still going strong. I love this necklace from Anthropologie because it’s super interesting but not overwhelming. A big statement necklace can take any woman from day with a plain white T, to fabulous night-time fashion. Find one that totally fits your Mom’s style.

2. Try something a little unconventional. I totally love this picnic blanket from Kate Spade. It’s cute, fun and perfect for the warm weather. It’s a little unexpected treat that Mom may not buy for herself but is really fun to receive.

3. A girl can never have enough handbags, especially a fantastic tote! The nautical feel of this Coach tote has a Hamptons vibe, but would go with anything, anywhere. Perfect for the summer, it balances a casual chic for a beach outing with cool comfort for a city jaunt.

4. When was the last time you bought a set of makeup brushes for yourself? Exactly. Girls need them, and use them, but they’re not as sexy as a cool new lip gloss. This brush set from Sephora is cute and can work wonderfully for travel. The bold pink colour makes this gift a little sassy, and even though it’s practical, Mom will love it.

5. I love the relatively affordability of Swarovski jewellery compared to real stones. I can still get that sparkle without the cost. But another jewellery piece can be mundane. Turn it up a notch with a crystal encrusted key chain. It’s beautiful and something Mom may not splurge for herself.

6. A colourful and interesting scarf is always a good bet for a fun gift for Mother’s Day. I love the bold colours in this Kate Spade scarf (so I was having a bit of a love affair with her site recently, okay), but there are so many options out there that you are sure to find one that your Mom just loves.

Soooooo, any of these on your list?


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