I have romantically been dreaming about this colour combination for some time. The soft, willowy feel of these rather ethereal hues always has me dreaming of soft breezes rustling skirts and blowing wisps of hair. I can’t feel anything other than, I guess the word is content, when I look at these hues, especially together. It’s strange, as I look around my new office space, I see hints of this palette everywhere. I guess it does inspire me!

It’s not like this palette is anything new; it is a rock solid combination used time and again for weddings, birthdays, showers; you name it.  I love it, because it lends itself so well to so many party vibes. Whether you want formal or casual, quirky or chic, this combination can carry it off.  It can be pretty, neutral, calming, sophisticated, even masculine if used the right way.

And this palette can have so many variations.  You can use combinations of the softest of blues with shimmers of silver.  You can use it  to help soften a more dominant colour. You can even go more bold with a brighter blue and more greyish silver. Because both are cool-tone colours, the hues can compliment each other on all variances in shade.

Even though this palette is often thought of as a winter-type theme (hello winter-wonderland!), I believe that it is a pleasing and comforting colour combination to use any time of the year. How soft and pretty it would be for a spring-time baby shower, or sophisticated and regal for an anniversary party.

It’s also a palette that is really simple to use.  You can find an array of items, like linens, tableware, candles, cutlery, glassware and decor, that are available in varying shades of blue and silver at pretty much anytime of the year.

What is so important when working with a particular colour palette is to start with what you love, regardless of the event, season or time of year. When we think outside the box with colour, wonderful ideas can emerge. Try using this palette for your next party and see where it takes you.

What do you think of this combination? It must be one of your favourites, no? Enjoy.

The elegance of this place setting is so well achieved. The silver and blue provide such a wonderful anchor for wonderful blooms.


The blue and silver combination can be used in quirky and fun ways to add interest and a unique twist.


A shimmery sheath dress in blue with a more nude/silver underlay provides inspiration for true elegance.


The blue and silver combination also works well for a more casual affair. It never looks simple though, elevating even the most casual of tables.


Bold blue offset by shades of silver is a real statement. This necklace can provide inspiration for the use of jewels in a party’s decor.


See how elegant it can be! The silver accents are really the star here, with the underlying blue the canvas.


Varying shades of blue with pops of metallic silver is a cool combo.

sea pinks etsy

Such a soft yet playful feel.


An understated elegance with class. With refinement and some restraint, this blue and silver combination achieves a winning look.


The blue in the vase with subtle silver trim is a great way to set-off stunning florals. While the pinks, creams and light green in the arrangement are the main focus, they are beautifully anchored by the pleasing combination in the vase.


This is usually where my day-dreams take me; on the billowy, willowy clouds of blue tulle. So pretty and a fantastic backdrop to showcase an impeccable bouquet.


An idea, an inspiration, a theme can all be derived from something as simple as yarn. Don’t overlook the ordinary to provide you with an idea.


While this, technically, is more teal, it still follows the blue and silver palette as varying shades within those hues. Very simple, yet very elegant.

sea pinks etsy 2

Blue and silver work so great with so many colours, especially when paired with other cool-tone colours like grey. The blue and silver can be used in a pattern motive to add extra dimension.

This is so pretty and almost ethereal.

This is so pretty and almost ethereal. It’s simple and elegant with an understated grace. 

The blue colour paired with the soft pinks creams gives a bit of silver glow to the bouquet. Love the use of the wispy wheat sprigs to give more movement.

The blue colour paired with the soft pinks creams gives a bit of silver glow to the bouquet. Love the use of the wispy wheat sprigs to give more movement.



So fresh, so pretty, so cool.

So fresh, so pretty, so cool.


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