I have been wanting to do this post for awhile but wasn’t sure if it would be well received.  Would you think that I was totally out to lunch and really reaching here? Was I reaching?

But then I got over it.

You see, I really can and do find inspiration in just about anything.  I can see an idea in so many things; a particular colour combination, an awesome outfit that someone was wearing, even a delicate cut in a doily.  When we allow ourselves to think without judgement and be just a little bit silly, some fantastic ideas and concepts can brew.

So, it is without hinderance that I am inspired lately by bows.

Yes bows! Don’t look at me like that!

So much can be derived about what lies beyond by the design of a simple little bow.

Don’t we all get a little excited about what we will reveal when we untie that bow? A box,  a note, a garment; we know something good probably lies underneath.

Even the very structure of a bow can give details; is it loosely tied, or is it crisp and structured? Is it a single bow or multiple loops? Is it made from organza ribbon or pure, glorious silk? When we look at it, we usually have an image of what is beyond. A bow can be sexy, cute, playful, elegant, retro; pretty much any emotion or feeling can be carried out through a bow.

So, how does this relate to a party? Well, a few ways. First, it challenges us to look deeper than just a colour or concept. Think about the finer details, the little touches that can further your theme and give clues to the feeling you want. For a children’s birthday party for example, perhaps you have little loot bags that are tied with bright yellow grosgrain ribbon that continues a whimsical, cute theme. For a formal wedding, perhaps you have a beautiful silk with rich, deep colours for bridesmaids bouquets with the ribbon trailing down. Or maybe for an outdoor get together on a hot summer evening there are lanterns hanging from sporadic tree branches tied with light chiffon that bustles ever so slightly in the evening breeze.

Whatever the use, however it’s played, try to think beyond the obvious and see all the elements of your party or event as pieces that fit and work together.

A simple little bow can do so much.

So, what do you think? Are you inspired?






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