This is obviously not a wedding blog. There are so many amazingly beautiful and inspirational blogs for weddings out there that there is no way that I could do it any better. Trix & Trumpet is geared towards helping you find inspiration for all the other parties and events throughout your life, and I hope you are continuing to be inspired.

However, it would be unrealistic of me to assume that weddings and wedding trends don’t influence the greater scheme of party and event planning, because they do. I actually get a ton of inspiration and ideas from real weddings or cool things I’ve seen on wedding blogs and sites. The trick is to adapt it to everyday parties, and sometimes that can be difficult. When you see something so beautifully done for a wedding, it seems like that’s the perfect place for it and it becomes hard to imagine that theme, that concept, that idea working for any other type of party.

There are a few trends happening right now in the wedding world that I think can work beautifully for your own parties. One of these is lace. Now, lace has been around for ages and it has, and will continue to be the benchmark for pretty, elegant and hospitable design. But the lace today is not the lace doilies from your Grandma’s Sunday dinners. It has so many dimensions and permutations that, sometimes, it can be confused with other patterns and designs.

Why I love it for a theme for a party is because of it’s versatility. You can pair it with glitz and sparkle, or pearls and irredecents. It can be traditional with cream or white, but can also be sassy in different colours and hues. Okay, it is feminine, so it’s use would be more geared toward a more feminine theme, but it doesn’t have to be old-fashioned or out-dated. If anything, the trend in weddings shows that it is decidedly here and now.

So, how do you incorporate lace into say a baby shower or 40th birthday party without it taking on a wedding vibe? There are lots of ways that lace can add interest and cohesiveness to a party and I know you’ll find some inspiration to make your next party a hit.

Inspiration Palette Lace

A lace motif can be in so many varieties of weave and texture. This is a good example of how you can use a lace, combined with other light elements like glass, to create added interest to your party. In this case, it’s soft and flowing because of the neutral palette. Choose a different colour and the look is dramatically bolder. You are still using lace, but in a different way. Versatility is what it offers you.

Inspiration Palette Lace

A delicate lace pattern doesn’t look dainty but rather strong and playful when used in bold ways. These fun planters are a great way to carry your theme through in a fun way. Lined up in steady order and the effect is quite nice.

Inspiration Palette Lace

Strung up with lights, lace adds a pretty and graceful element to a party. This would be lovely for a summertime backyard party or get together.

Inspiration Palette Lace

Paired with other soft hues, lace can be so pretty and elegant. This cake design would be a beautiful addition to a baby or bridal shower, or even for a milestone birthday. Punch up the soft blue to a teal or turquoise and you have one fierce cake.

Inspiration Palette Lace

A theme can further be reinforced with little goody bags or gifts. I am partial to this look because I like the classic combination of blue and white and I think the lace pattern is so pretty against the bolder background. Your main colour throughout your party could be the blue, but with this little touch of lace, you can create a bit more interest and prettiness.

Inspiration Palette Lace

Little accents of lace just elevate any party or dinner up just a notch. The use of a lace table runner instantly changes the look of this table. Imagine it without it, and you can see how the lace softens the look and brings the other elements together nicely.

Inspiration Palette Lace

The lace pattern is a supporting character to this design but really works well to create an ethereal feel. By pairing the votives with clear glass, white table linens and glorious flowers, it creates a romantic ambiance.

Inspiration Palette Lace

Look for objects that have a lace motif like pots, plates or pitchers. Used in unconventional ways, like for bursts of florals or candle votives, the lace is admired for it’s motif and patterns rather than it’s feminine nature.


Little touches, slight hints, or full force front and centre, lace can be a great overall theme for your party. What are your thoughts on using lace?

And remember, if you need someone to bounce ideas off of, or to help with coming up with creative ideas for your next party, I’m here to help. ¬†Just send me an email and let’s get started.


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