Well, if you celebrate Christmas, then the countdown is on.

With just over a week until then, many will brave the crowds, get cut-off by multiple motorists, have someone snatch the last gift on the shelf (the very one you need), get irritable, bake, bake, bake, and generally run around feeling like there just ISN’T ENOUGH TIME!

But there is.  And you deserve to take some time for yourself to let yourself enjoy the season.

With this last weekend before things really get crazy, take pleasure in the simple moments like steaming hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, festive music in the background, the smells of awesome treats filling the air…it really is a beautiful time of year.

And while you are taking a breath, check out this fun tree done all in ceramic plates. It sits in the main square in Hasselt, Belgium and it’s a true creative and inspiring design for the season.  Just follow the link below.


ceramic tree via: designboom


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