Happy Weekend #15



I am always saying how inspiration comes from anywhere.  And this little guy is so inspiring to me.  I know, I know….you’re thinking, “it’s and owl, Allyson, pretty… but inspiring?…really?”

And I say yes! I love the soft colour palette of cream, white and rustic bark with a pop of red colour.  I am inspired by the soft and delicate way that each feather falls and creates this tremendous pattern effect. Even the penetrating eyes and bold orange beak get me thinking about using charcoal and little peeks of orange in a colour theme.

Yes, inspiration is really everywhere, and nature is our greatest and most profound resource for inspiration.

So, look past the obvious, the mundane, the basic.  See the potential for design and theme in the subtle beauty in what you see.

Happy Weekend! Enjoy!

photo source: life is beautiful


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