Halloween has never been a very interesting holiday for me.  The ghosts, creatures and creepy nature of everything don’t really inspire or motivate me to create a look, and often I  completely bypass Halloween with not even a simple nod.

But, that isn’t really much fun and I couldn’t very well be completely anti-Halloween.  I really do enjoy decorating and bringing a look together, and when people come into my home and I entertain, I like to have looks and concepts that are fun, classic and different.

As with any holiday or any type of party, we can set our own rules and break from the typical or traditional way of bringing a theme or concept together. I look at decorating or party planning during Halloween season as an extension of Autumn, with subtle and whimsical nods to Halloween.

So, my little Halloween vignette centres around three colours to ground it; purple, black and white. While this combination is rather dark and mystical, little touches of sparkle and whimsy bring it to a different level.


Halloween Decorating from www.trixandtrumpet.com



I really like this colour combination so I committed to buying craft pumpkins that I can use year over year. You can use real pumpkins too, and paint them any shade you like. I chose to do this vignette on a mirrored table because I really like to use reflective surfaces where I can.  But, you don’t need a full table to achieve the look; simply placing a mirror under your objects will give them a new dimension.

I also used various heights to give the look more dimension. The pumpkins are varied in size and the candles are different heights so the eye is given a lot of elements to take in. Use books, little boxes, even wide candle pedestals to give interest and height to your look.

Halloween Decorating from www.trixandtrumpet.com



This originally black pumpkin was painted in stripes of purple metallic and clear shimmer paint to give it more interest. A fun poof and complimenting ribbon give it more personality.

Don’t be afraid to add your own personal little touches here and there. A glue gun is a great tool to help you achieve the looks you want. Little dabs of glue will help secure ribbons or accoutrements exactly the way you want.


Halloween Decorating from www.trixandtrumpet.com



A fun foam treehouse gives the whimsy look I wanted.  Mixing classic with quirky gives any look a sense of humour and can break up the monotony of just one type of feel.


Halloween Decorating from www.trixandtrumpet.com


Sparkle! I think every theme should have a just a little bit of shimmer and sparkle. These purple candles fit wonderfully into the theme and give that added interest.


Halloween Decorating from www.trixandtrumpet.com


So, have fun with your Halloween decor. Challenge the typical and bring a look together that really is your own.

What are your favourite colours or themes to use during the Halloween season? Let me know!


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