If you’ve read many of my posts, you’ll know that I am a stickler for a creating a theme for your party or event.  A theme, whether through colour, concept or topic, helps to not only guide you in your planning and design, but it also anchors all aspects of your party.  Creating a theme is imperative for a good party.

But within the theme are lots of opportunities for you to create “moments” that continue to carry out your theme or that add an extra bit of creativity and depth to your party.

But what exactly do I mean when I talk about a “moment”? For me, it’s the little things that give your guests a little something more. It can be big, obvious things (like a glorious dessert table), and also small, little touches (like a hand-written place card). It is these special touches that truly make a party or event memorable.

I tried to have many little moments throughout my own wedding.  I did have a theme, simple glamour with a teal, deep purple and cream colour palette, and within my theme I tried to personalize with additional little items.  At one small table with the guest book I displayed all the wedding pictures of our grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles.  I enlisted my super Chef of an Uncle to make individual macadamia nut bread for each guest (which my parents, Aunt and another Uncle helped me package in cute little boxes – thanks awesome family!). I had a signature cocktail that carried our colour theme through and that was oh, so delicious. And my favourite thing was having little cards for each of my guests to write notes on to help us remember the day.

Okay, I know what you are thinking.  Weddings are big, extravagant events where you have tons of opportunities to do interesting things.  Okay, okay…you’re right.  But every event or party, no matter how small can have special moments to add depth and interest.

Here are some ways to create moments for your party:

  • Think about using family heirlooms in your party, like your Grandmother’s linens or your Mom’s tea cups.
  • On a dessert table, line everything up in perfect order to have a very clean and interesting display.
  • Use mirrors under all your candles to reflect the light and add additional colour.
  • And photographs in different and interesting frames make a fantastic display no matter what type of event your are doing.
  • Work with the architecture of your venue. Use it’s walls or height or hallways to bring added interest to the party

Taking the time to think about some of the small details will pay dividends to the enjoyment of your party or event and will have lasting memories for your guests and especially, for you.



Having pictures relevant to your party is a fun and interactive moment for your guests. (This is not my wedding by the way, but I did do this too!)


Hello desserts. What a fabulous moment; it’s not just a table but a whole experience.


This is a fantastic example of creating a moment. The added accoutrements on each table give an interesting and whimsical moment for each guest.


Great example of using the architecture of a venue to help create an interesting moment. The long, vast space of the hallway is transformed, simply by adding candles.


Think of every element as having the opportunity to be awesome. The experience for each guest as they retrieve their place card is greatly elevated, simply by adding florals, mirrors, candles and other unique items.


This moment here is more subtle but just as effective. Do you really need 10 candles or more? No, but it sure does look better and create much more interest. Simple to do, and the outcome is beautiful. Oh, and I love the tightly packed roses as a hedge-like centrepiece.


Photo source: Image 1, 6 - Junebug Weddings, Image 2,3 - Mindy Weiss, Image 4,5 - Matthew Robbins Design


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