I get all giddy and girly when it comes to table setting and table decorating. I absolutely love how a table, and even a room, can be transformed with an interesting and consistent table-top design. I even have a pinterest board set-up specifically for cool table settings.

The most fun part for me, is figuring out how I will set the table and then plugging away on what china to use, what colours are good, how will each piece be placed; all the good stuff.  Even when doing larger events, conceptualizing what rentals I may need, what should the colour scheme be and how should everything be displayed is a lot of fun. I did a post awhile back on setting a table which you can check out here.

But beyond the china, and glassware, and placemats, and chargers, and linens lies some opportunity for some fun. When I think of my table, I also think about where I want people to sit and how I want to tell them where to sit. For a small, intimate dinner, it’s usually a free-for-all, but sometimes I like the extra touch of having a place card for each person.

When we do larger events, having a place card is a no-brainer. Usually with many guests, we need to keep them organized and minimize confusion, so designating a specific table number and having a place card for each person helps for consistency and also for other table guests to know the names of who they are sitting with.

For smaller gatherings, we don’t often think about place cards but it can be a fun, easy, and interesting addition to your table setting. Thinking beyond the traditional paper place card, folded in half with the guests name on it,  is a great way to add another element to your party that can support your theme or even give your guests something interesting to talk about or to take home with them.

Having a place card, somehow to me, is the final touch in your table setting.  It’s probably the last thing that you put on your table and can really bring everything together. Find some inspiration here for interesting, beautiful and different ways to create your place cards and have fun designing everything for your next party.



Such a cool way to have place cards. The simplicity of the text and colours makes it’s mono-chromatic look so appealing to the eye. However, with many guests, I would caution using this approach, as finding the name could be cumbersome and time-consuming.


Fun! Whether it’s a small shot of liquor or other type accoutrement, having place cards attached continues to carry a theme and provides a great consistency to your party.


Okay, this idea could really work for any size party and I love how orderly everything is. It’s visually appealing, and any type of rectangular vessel would work to hold tags.


For something outside, or for a party that’s romantic and light and fun, using bookmarks as place cards is fun, interesting and useful.


I love giving little potted things as gifts to guests and this serves two purposes; a place card and a gift! It’s tiny and cute and fun.

martha stewart

I think this is a super easy and fun way to have a place card. And low-cost; just find some leaves, grab a marker and you’re set. But the look is so elegant.


By using place cards in a banner, you effectively have some added decor that you can drape or string anywhere.


If you have time, this is a beautiful way to showcase your place cards. It would take more effort to source and find the keys (or other item that is relevant to your event) but the pay-off in look and scale would be worth it.


Rustic, natural, simple. Using elements from nature is always on trend and provides a real calming vibe.


The home-spun variety of place cards. This looks awesome and would be easy to accomplish for a luncheon or shower. Super cute.


I love this. It’s whimsical, cheeky and fun. Look beyond the normal and find the inspiration in something that gives you a chuckle.


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