Auld Lang Syne

Wistfully Country

At the turn of each year, we all take a moment to reflect on the past year and vow to make the new year even better. Auld Lang Syne, that traditional Scottish poem by Robert Burns, asks the age old question; should we move forward forgetting about the past and start anew, or hold those memories and bring forth with us. How much do we forget in the hopes of starting fresh?

I like mistakes, and in the party planning business, you have to be able to accept mistakes. The difference is how you handle them. If you are prepared, and if you believe in what you are doing, then any mistake or mishap can be easily controlled and dispelled. Give way to panic, and it’s over!

So I bring a whole bunch of memories, both good and bad, with me from year into new year. I draw on my “old” acquaintances to give a laugh or just a good chat. I always bring to mind inspiration from past parties and I vow to never make the same mistake twice.

So, as you move into 2013 with new vigor, new inspiration and new motivation, bring all that old stuff with you too. For we cannot move forward without the lessons from our past.

See you next year.


photo source: wistfully country


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