I am asked so many times where do I get my ideas from.  Where do I find my inspiration? How do I come up with concepts and themes? Honestly, and I don’t mean to sound obvious, but I really get inspiration from everything around me.  I am always looking, or appreciating or admiring something and, I don’t know, something just clicks in my brain and a little spark of an idea starts.  It may be something that someone said, or an incredible floral array at the supermarket or even something I saw at another event.  I sort of file it away, hoping and crossing my fingers that I can use it somehow, someday.

Okay, so I may be a bit extreme. I told you, I live and breathe events and themes.  But, you can easily find inspiration in your daily life for any event.  Don’t ever discount something as being too silly or too simple.  Any idea you have, any thought that comes up can turn into a really cool concept and theme.  If you have an event coming up or something that you are thinking about planning, write down little inspirations that you have.  I may be out and about and see an amazing armoire with florals and plants draping out of it which just strikes me as beautiful so I will write it down or even take a picture.  Perhaps I will use the colour scheme for my next party or maybe I’ll go with a garden party theme.  Who knows.  The point is that if something moves you, well, it’s inspiring you at the same time!

One of my favourite things to do is keep a file of things I see and like.  A lot of brides do this but there is no reason why you can’t do this too.  A simple dinner party can be elevated to spectacular with a little theme, floral and colour.  Maybe you’ll find that inspiration in your little file folder.  As I’ve previously mentioned, for my whole life, I was exposed to making even the smallest of things become extraordinary simply by treating each event as the special moment that it is.  We forget that a get together with friends or an intimate dinner party is just as important as a bachelorette party or a milestone birthday party.  When we feel inspired we tend to be happier.  The planning becomes fun, not arduous.

So, my goal is to inspire you to be inspired for every event you do in your life.  I will endeavor to start a daily inspiration post, let’s call it the T&T 365, where I’ll let you know what’s inspiring me and hopefully you’ll get a little inspired (I’m also going to look into a synonym for inspire since I seem to be using it a lot!!).  It may be a picture, or a piece of art or a neat concept, anything really that makes me think and gives a small spark to my day.

Floral poofs create great inspiration


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