Trix & Trumpet’s blog portion has been up and running for a good solid year now. I launched it slowly throughout the Fall of 2013 and really started to hit more of a groove into 2014. It has been a huge learning curve, but it has really been an amazing journey.

I have posted 168 articles over that time period, all written entirely by me and now at this wonderful time of the year when new ideas, concepts, writings and inspirations should be plentiful I have hit…… the preverbial wall!

Maybe my brain is on auto-pilot, or its unable to function at full capacity by being jolted with bursts of cold weather…whatever it is, it isn’t good, and I’m trying to drive my own creativity by looking to be inspired.

I’m sure we have all been there. Where you know what you want to say but, just can’t get it out. Where you’ve hit a slow dip in your creativity and need inspiration to bring it back.

When this happens to me I like to seek inspiration from others; pouring over shelter blogs and magazines, checking out the latest trends in events, getting inspired by DIY projects and even reviewing my own stuff to remind myself that I can do this and it will come back.

While I was reading my own blog again from the earlier last year, I realized that some posts I wrote have relevance no matter what year it is. The message carries over time and again and is always important.

So, with that said, this week I’ve posted some links to posts and concepts that I talked about around this time last year, but that I think warrant a re-visit. You may not have read them before, or if you have, hopefully it will give you a reminder read that helps.

In any case, I don’t mean for it to be a cop-out, or self-indulgent. I know this mental block will pass and new stuff will come flooding through. In the meantime, enjoy the topics below and if you have any questions or ideas, never hesitate to let me know and we’ll get the conversation started.


Allyson’s Holiday Recap


Okay, I had to link back to this post because if you took a peek at my post last week or so on Silver and Teal inspiration, you’ll notice that I’m incorporating peacock in my design.  Was I this forward thinking last year? I don’t think so; peacock and peacock colours have been going strong in 2013 and purple and teal are definitely trending for 2014.

I love a good drink recipe and this one is a favourite of mine. It’s fresh and easy to make.

This is the season for party after party. If you are hosting guests in your home, this checklist will make sure that you stay on track and be the best host you can be.

Getting a hostess gift can be tough sometimes. We don’t have a lot of time to search out something unique or different so we usually find ourselves grabbing a bottle of wine and hope that ours is just a little bit better than all the other wines that guests brought. This list will give you some cool and interesting alternatives.

Enjoy the review and see you again soon.


photo source: that inspirational girl


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