So, I’m going to do something a little different for this weekend express edition.  Over the past few months, I’ve used my Friday post as a way to point you to interesting things I’ve found, great recipes, cool decor and just fun things that I can’t find a way to actually write a post about. I hope it provides for some fun reading and browsing over the weekend.

In my Weekend Express #9 from last Friday, I talked about how I am continuing to learn and I am taking part in a course right now that has me bursting with ideas and creativity. One challenge for me this week was to think about 8 different blogs that I like and really think about what it is about them that really inspires me. So, instead of posting links to individual items or ideas that I’ve found and like, I’m going to share with you the blogs that I go to for inspiration, ideas, a good read and beautiful photographs.

It was tough for me to narrow things down to just 8.  I have a whole list of blogs and websites that are on constant rotation in my browser, and too many to count in my favourites. I can’t get to all of them all of the time, and some I check what’s new once a week or so. But I realized that there were many that I was consistently turning to and those are the ones I include below.

It’s funny, although I write predominantly about events and parties, most of the blogs I frequent are design blogs and wedding blogs. I think it’s because I get so much inspiration from design and decor and any concept that’s used for a wedding can be adapted and modified for any type of party. The versatility that these particular blogs provide me, make them easy stops for me.

So, here’s my list (in absolutely no particular order of course):

  1. Design Sponge – this blog is an eclectic mix of DIY projects, behind the scenes, travel information and entertaining info. It’s a collection of various contributors so I like that there is a different voice to each post. The design of the blog is easy to navigate and I can get lost in all the interesting things I find. 
  2. Trendland – I love this blog for it’s visuals alone. The overall design gives me pops of inspiration with it’s emphasis on images. I have found a lot of interesting articles here and it’s fun to go back often because there are new posts everyday.
  3. Snippet and Ink – this is one of the larger wedding blogs I follow. Beautiful photography and massive amounts of inspiration. I love that there are always tons of images and real-life weddings that are so varied that I never tire from browsing through.
  4. Poppytalk – again, another blog that mixes DIY stuff with other interesting lifestyle things. And it’s Canadian (which I like a bit)
  5. David Stark Design – okay, this is his actual website, and while he does have a blog, I prefer to go to this site instead because it gives me so much to look at and to think about. When I’m stuck creatively, the photos from his portfolio really, truly inspire me and it would be incredible to have that level of ingenuity and success. Plus his website is really cool and creative.
  6. Style Me Pretty – this is a bit of a cheat because there are actually two blogs here that I like, the wedding and the living. Beautiful, sumptuous pictures that I can spend hours scrolling through. Use the pop down menu at the top to switch over to the living blog.
  7. Follow That Faun – this is a new one that I just discovered and I really, really like it. It’s a great mix of home projects, fashion, decor, artist features and so much more. Visually, the colours pop and the writing by the two artists who collaborate on the blog is spot on.
  8. Food Vegetarische – I love following food blogs because often I want a new recipe or idea for a party and the photography of most just makes my mouth water. This blog has fantastic photography and great recipes that Eva has made easy to print. It’s a great blog.

So, I hope you have fun this weekend checking out what gets me inspired. What do you think of my picks? Any make it to your favourites list? Enjoy!

photo source: rue magazine


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